50th Annual National Trappers Association Convention

From July 30 to Aug. 2 in Lima, Ohio, the Allen County Fairgrounds will host the 50th Annual NTA Convention.

Admission is $10 per person for the whole show. Children ages 2 and under are free.

Camping costs $25 with electric/water per day and $10 per day without electric/water. Supply dealers from throughout the United States will be on hand at the convention.

A benefit auction, dinner, and dance are part of the annual festivities.

To purchase tickets, send money to National Trappers Association, 2815 Washington Ave., Bedford, Indiana 47421.

For further information, visit www.nationaltrappers.com/2009nat.html or contact Dan Skurski at 231-590-9288 or 231-988-4432 or email at skurski@nationaltrappers.com.

Click here to see a tentative schedule of events.

Tentative Demo List (from NTA)


9:00     Pete Hammond (Idaho)- Fox & Coyote
10:00* Eric Space (New Jersey)- Snaring Mink
11:00   Dave Linkhart (Ohio)- Coon
12:00   PDK Snaring (Ohio)- Snaring
1:00     Kirk DeKalb (Georgia)- Beaver
2:00*   Art Scott (Ohio)- K9s
3:00     Bob Best (Pennsylvania)- Dog Proof Trapping
4:00     Dirk Shear (Ohio)- Wildlife Control
5:00     Jeff Robinson (Ohio)- Red Fox
6:00     Jeff Squires (Ohio)- Trap Modifications


9:00     Corky Klausing (Ohio)- Farmland Coyote
10:00* Clint Locklear (Tennessee)- Snaring Beaver & Otter
11:00   Henry Beecher (Ohio)- Coon
12.00   FHA
1:00     Bob Jameson (Pennsylvania)- Lures
2:00*   Jim Blakley (Minnesota)- Mink
3:00     Rally Hess (Minnesota)- Snare Building & Snaring
4:00     Ray McMillen (Ohio)- Freeze Proof K9 Trapping
            Butch Barhorst (Ohio)- Making Wax Dirt
5:00     Tom Parr (Ohio)- Trap Collecting
6:00     Darin Freeborough (Pennsylvania)- Canine trapping in snow


9:00     Mark Stackhouse (Ohio)- Mink
10:00* Blackie (Ohio)- Baits "Facts & Myth"
11:00   John Graham (Montana)- K9s & Cats
12:00   NAFA
1:00     Carl Jones (Ohio)- Beaver & Otter
2:00*   Hal Sullivan (Ohio)- Grey Fox
3:00     Nick Bower (Ohio)- Body Grippers & Muskrats
4:00     Jim Geffert (New York)- K9 Remakes