Anti-Trapping Groups Sue to Halt Trapping in 15 Montana Counties


Anti-trapping organizations filed a lawsuit last week that aims to stop trapping in areas of Montana that are known to be inhabited by Canada lynx. The groups claim Montana wildlife officials have violated the U.S. Endangered Species Act by allowing trapping in the 15 counties they are targeting in the lawsuit.

Alliance for the Wild Rockies and other groups claim that at least nine lynx have been caught in traps set for wolves, bobcats and other animals, according to a Reuters story. Four of those animals died. Lynx were put on the federal threatened and endangered species list in 2000 in the Lower 48. There are an estimated 300 in Montana.

“It is stupid to trap a threatened species when the federal government is spending millions trying to save them,” Michael Garrity, head of Alliance for the Wild Rockies, told Reuters.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks has not yet commented on the lawsuit.

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