April-May 2011 Issue Trapper & Predator Caller

Trapper & Predator Caller was created with a singular purpose: offer practical, comprehensive information for those who harvest fur and call predators. Each edition offers insights from experts with years of experience, offering ways to enrich trapping and calling knowledge. From beginners to veterans, Trapper & Predator Caller has something for everyone. Discover more with a subscription.

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• Solo or duo? There are several advantages and disadvantages to working with a partner or alone on the trapline.

• Years ago, two young men developed an effective, low-cost way to add some money to the fur check. It’s called the Boorman’s Weasel Box.

• There was plenty of coyote-calling action on Trapper & Predator Caller‘s "Predators on the Prairie" sweepstakes hunt.

• Edward E. Jackson, Jr., reflects on more than 50 years of beaver trapping and some unforgettable mistakes.

• Summer is an underrated time for coyote hunting. Tom Austin talks about calling ‘yotes the entire year.

• Saving dollars by recycling gear makes sense.

• Lori Kaprocki writes some "Wife’s Tales" about learning to love a hunter.

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