Editor’s Call: A New Place for Fur

Paul mug color.jpgApril-May 2007 Editor’s Call

By Paul Wait

A New Place for Fur

On a day when many trapping and furbearer hunting seasons across North America closed, a new season of sorts opened for trappers and predator callers. And this one is open year-round, 24 hours a day.

The Trapper & Predator Caller launched the magazine’s first interactive Web forum on Feb. 28.

We have been building Web content on a new Internet platform for more than a year, creating an archive of columns such as School Days, Market Report and Editor’s Call at www.trapperpredatorcaller.com. In addition, a new feature article is posted each month, and online shoppers can browse our classified advertising section.

Many new features will be added to the site’s main pages in the coming months, including valuable sections with detailed information about set construction, predator calling and fur handling. We also plan to dig deep into the T&PC archives to share outstanding articles from the past exclusively on the Web site.

But the most exciting development of the magazine’s increased Web presence is the creation of forums.

Our goal is provide a place for you to share your trapline and predator calling experiences, ask questions, and gather and give feedback about ideas. The forum is designed to be an interactive learning tool, but it is also a place for spirited discussions, diverse opinions and — we hope — smiles, satisfaction and hours of enjoyment.

Another important component of our forum is an ability to dispense timely information about legislative alerts and updates, trapper and predator hunting association events, and fur sales.

Initially, the site contains 16 forums, under headings of Trapping, Marketing Fur, Defenders of Trapping, Predator Calling and Preserving the Old Tools. Within the first few days, forum visitors suggested several new headings, so we’re sure to expand soon.

Visitors do not need to register to view forum threads. However, to start a post or reply to an existing thread, you must register using your name or a screen name. You don’t need a subscriber number. It’s free. Just enter your user name and password and start typing. And by all means, show us photos of your trapping and calling success.

Just like the magazine, the T&PC Web site and forums are family-oriented. Please keep in mind that whatever you post is accessible to anyone with Internet access, no matter their age or views on trapping and hunting.

Welcome to www.trapperpredatorcaller.com. We hope it will become your favorite place to trap and call when you’re not trapping and calling.

See you online!

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