Arizona Trappers Association October 2009 Report

President — Rick Van Horn, 4185 N. Irving Street, Kingman, AZ 86409; phone: (928)757-3860; e-mail:

Vice President — Mike Burris, 5452 E. Farmdale Avenue, Mesa AZ, 85206; phone: (480)654-1411; e-mail:

Recording Secretary — Mike Huffer 7720 E. Beatrice, Scottsdale, AZ. 85257; phone: (480) 970-5904; e-mail:

Treasurer — Mike Hull, P.O. Box 3355, Chinle, AZ 86503; phone: (928)674-9542; e-mail:

Membership Secretary — Amanda Prosser, P.O. Box 4111, Chino Valley, AZ 86323; phone: (928) 499-2114; e-mail:

Fur Auction manager — Bill Strauss, P.O. Box 183, Seligman, AZ 86337; phone: (480)375-1183

NTA Director — Cindy Seff, P.O. Box 762, Seligman, AZ 86337; phone: (480)390-0723; e-mail:

Scent Post — Winter/Duncan Davis, P.O. Box 86783, Phoenix, AZ, 85080; phone:(623)466-6799; e-mail:

Membership Options:

• Adult membership including subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller — $30
• Junior (under 16) with subscription — $20
• Family membership with subscription — $35
• Oldtimer membership with subscription — $75
• Lifetime membership with subscription — $275

Complete membership application on first page of
association section and send dues to:

ATA, Membership Secretary
Amanda Prosser
P.O. Box 4111, Chino Valley, AZ 86323
Phone: (928) 499-2114


Hi Members.

For the month of August, I have renewed the following members: Mike Huffer, Cosme Charles Tom Blum, Jim Coleman, Scott Throwbridge, Chuck Virgo and Bill Rice. Please let me know if there are any questions or concerns.

Thank You.

— Amanda Prosser


The 50th annual NTA convention held in Lima, Ohio is now past. I would like to commend Ohio State Trappers Association for a job well done. These guys and ladies did one heck of a job in hosting this event. A big hats off for all their hard work and efforts. What a successful event. Ohio State Trappers can sure be proud of their Association!

There was record attendance and everyone went home overwhelmed at such a great convention considering the state of the economy. This proves trappers are a hard working bunch and won’t be shut down by world issues.

Election results are in and a congratulations goes to Kraig Kaatz President and Todd Roggenkamp General Organizer. It is unfortunate due to work and personal reasons Todd has resigned as General Organizer, effective in October. He will be missed, but is working to tie up ends and help in finalizing leadership conferences for 2010. If anyone is interested in taking his place until next election, please contact Kraig Kaatz.

This year’s meeting was very smooth and I will give you a complete update at our next meeting, as well as in future T&PC reports.

There is a lot of business done in a few days and there is much too much to write in one monthly column.

The Board approved the budget presented for 2010.

Maryland and Connecticut successfully stopped legislation through cooperative efforts of many different organizations within their respective states. The Maine lawsuit is entering the final stages as the trial portion is complete and both sides have sent their summaries to the judge for final consideration. The judge is hoping to have a decision by the end of this month. I would like to commend NTA attorney Gary Listico for his involvement in this effort and keeping NTA abreast of all the issues.

Montana is preparing for a battle against “Footloose Montana.” That is a group determined to take away trapping through a ballot initiative this fall. The NTA EC voted to give Montana 50 percent of the proceeds from the Western Regional auction to assist in this effort.

Michigan and Kansas are facing some regulation changes this year. There was many more items of business and news shared, but I will cover these down the road.

An additional foothold trap has passed the minimum animal welfare scores and will soon be added to the existing fisher BMP. It is a size 1.5 padded, and four-coiled foothold trap. This particular trap also has passed and is approved in BMPs for bobcat, eastern coyote, red fox, gray fox and opossum. Various bodygrip traps had only been included in the fisher BMP previously.

On a local level, I would like to congratulate Tony Miller as President of the ATA and Scott Trowbridge as Vice President. I will leave additional details to Tony. I would like to commend these guys for taking these positions and welcome as well the new Directors. I think the ATA will have a lot of new things ahead this year from the meetings and discussions at the convention. In addition, I would like to thank Mike Hull for all his hard work on this year’s convention. Those that missed this event missed some top notch trappers and demos. Thanks to all that helped the ATA at that convention. We have had a couple hard years, but are moving forward with good things to come.

The link to the NTA Web site is Stop by and visit for current information as well as contact info for your national organization.

I will finish this newsletter off with the request that if you are not a member of the NTA, please get yourself signed up. You can send your $30 for your year’s subscription to the NTA, which includes the American Trapper magazine to:

National Trappers Association, 2815 Washington Ave., Bedford, IN. 47421.
I am only a phone call away so don’t hesitate to contact me with concerns or comments.

Catchcha Next Time.

— Cindy Seff

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