Arizona Trappers Association September 2010 Report

President — Tony Miller, 6891 N Blackpoint Rd., Pima, AZ 85543; phone: 928-651-5000; e-mail:

Vice President — Scott Trowbridge, P.O. Box 1847, Chinle, AZ 86503; phone: 928-674-5683; e-mail:

Recording Secretary — Mike Huffer, P.O. Box 11474, Scottsdale, AZ 85271; phone: 480-970-5904; e-mail:

Treasurer — Mike Hull, P.O. Box 3355, Chinle, AZ 86503; phone: 928-674-3355; e-mail:

Membership Secretary — Amanda (Seff) Prosser, P.O. Box 4111, Chino Valley, AZ 86323; phone: 928-499-2114; e-mail:

Fur Auction Manager — Mike Huffer, P.O. Box 11474, Scottsdale, AZ 85271; phone: 480-970-5904;e-mail:

Director Computer Operations Fur Sale — Terri Miller, 6891 N Blackpoint Rd., Pima, AZ 85543; phone: 928-965-1000; e-mail:

NTA Director — Cindy Seff, P.O. Box 762, Seligman, AZ 86337; phone: 480-390-0723; e-mail:

Scent Post — John Henry Piotrowski, P.O. Box 142, McNeal, AZ 85617; phone: 520-642-3850;e-mail:

Membership Options:
• Adult membership including subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller — $30
• Junior (under 16) with subscription — $20
• Family membership with subscription — $35
• Oldtimer membership with subscription — $75
• Lifetime membership with subscription — $275

Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

ATA, Membership Secretary
Amanda Prosser
P.O. Box 4111, Chino Valley, AZ 86323
Phone: (928) 499-2114



The Maine lawsuit is into the next stages. We are now waiting for information from the court regarding oral arguments, the dates for these oral arguments, and also how many people the court will allow to speak from each side.

The NTA Executive Council at the annual EC meeting in Vegas voted to affiliate with the National Assembly of Sportsmen’s Caucuses (NASC). This group is made up of state legislatures from 38 different states. This gives the NTA and our affiliates direct connections to the legislators and various sportsman caucuses within that state and have a voice strong enough to be heard. We will be having a presentation from NASC at the NTA BOD meeting in Marshfield this year.

Our affiliations and involvements with any organization or other group is only of benefit if we have the opportunity to utilize them as they are intended. We are completely dependent upon our affiliates to inform us when they have a situation that they are dealing with. It is the policy of the NTA to not force ourselves upon our affiliates nor try to circumvent their efforts. Over the last several months the NTA has had communications with many different individuals informing us of concerns they have about legislation or various meetings that may impact trapping. The NTA always forwards these concerns onto the state affiliate and provide these concerned individuals with contact information. The NTA will not act based upon the call of an individual without the affiliate support. We simply cannot function in this manner. There were issues in a state regarding some potential legislation that the NTA was asked to help by writing letters or contacting committee members to oppose the bill. After many weeks of silence, I contacted the president and I was told the committee was meeting the next day. How can we work to defend trapping if we’re not aware of what is going on?

The NTA needs to have the affiliates contact us when things are going on; we have many tools through our associations that will help. Some people have told me when I discuss a particular NASC contact that they know him or her and they trap on their property. The difference is that they are receiving phone calls and being contacted by members of an organization, NASC, that they participate with on a different level. The more positive connections we have from more angles, the better and more successful we will be. So please keep the NTA informed so we will be better prepared and capable of providing assistance.

The NTA was contacted by Alan Probst with an opportunity to act as one of the sponsors for a special, all-trapping series on the Sportsman Channel. Alan currently hosts the show All Outdoors, on this channel that is available in more than 28 million households across the country. This is not a two-minute segment on trapping but the entire show. Thirteen half hour shows and 65 reruns are guaranteed. This would equal 2,340 minutes of all trapping. The show would promote trapping in a positive manner and the NTA would be given specific advertising spots presented by Alan. We will be updating all of you very soon with the progress. Alan does an extremely good job with his programming and we look forward to working with him on this.

2010 Conventions : The NTA’s 7th Annual Southeast Regional Convention has come and gone as well as Northeast Regional Convention in Greenwich, New York. It was good to see the sterong support even though the current economy is under much stress. The NTA’s Annual Western Regional Convention will be held on June 18 through 20 in Rock Springs, Wyoming. The 51st National Convention will be held in Marshfield, Wisconsin Aug. 5 through 8, 2010. Refer to the NTA’s website for more information on these events. Anyone interested in vendor booth space and or sponsoring a building, demo area, volunteer t-shirts or trap setting plaques, please contact Convention Coordinator Dan Skurski.

Don’t forget about making nominations for the NTA Awards given each year. Here is a summary of the Awards to help you:

Trapper of the Year – Two of these awards are presented each year, one to an eastern trapper and one to a western trapper. This award is typically presented to an individual whose efforts have benefited a lot of trappers. Examples of this include someone who had worked on a project that benefited all trappers in a state, such as getting a snaring season opened, getting a trapper education program started, etc. Or possibly someone who has worked to benefit trappers over a multi state area such as working on BMP’s for trapping, a national/regional school education program etc.

Benefactor Award – This award is generally presented for financial and/or promotional support of the NTA. Over the past several years this award has been presented to individuals; State Trapping Associations; businesses involved with trappers and trapping magazines. Pioneer Award – is not awarded to someone because they are elderly; historically is has been given to those who have spent many years working for the betterment and benefit of trappers and trappers rights. Take a moment to reflect on those trappers who have worked day in and day out for years, working unselfishly for the good of all. These types of individuals have dedicated much of their lives to traps, trappers and trapping. They deserve our recognition, so please send in their names.
Leadership Award – Can go to an individual, individuals working together or an Association or Organization. This can be awarded for work in the education field, establishing trapper education program, establishing trapping organization, revitalization of an existing trapping organization or similar accomplishment. Once again, think about the activities of the past year, has anything taken place which may require recognition by the awarding of the NTA leadership award.

Director of the Year – This award is for the affiliate NTA director that promotes the NTA within their respective trapping association and builds or strengthens the bond between their affiliate and the NTA. The director fulfills the criteria of this award by communicating to the affiliate what the NTA is doing and makes sure that the NTA is aware of their affiliates’ concerns and opinions. The director also sets up an NTA booth at the affiliates’ convention, fur sale and other similar functions where they promote the NTA, sell NTA memberships and merchandise. They take the time to help neighboring NTA directors at other conventions, attend the National conventions, sit in meetings and volunteer to work the NTA booth at the National convention, these are just a few of the things that your NTA Director accomplishes on your behalf.

Affiliate of the Year – This award is probably deserved by most all affiliates, as just the act of affiliation with the NTA benefits all trappers. Take a moment and list the things that your association or organization has accomplished this past year to promote or benefit the NTA such as; cash donations, prizes for sweepstakes, merchandise for auctions, provided the NTA booth space at conventions, outdoor shows, state/county fairs. These are just a few examples.

Congressional Merit Award – This award is just like it sounds it is given to a Senator, Congressman, or other political person who has worked for the benefit of traps, trapping and trappers while serving as a legislator. It can be given for behind the scenes efforts or right out in front leadership on conservation or other related issues which benefit our industry.

Conservationist of the Year Award – This award is given out to an individual who works on behalf of sound wildlife management programs. This can be done at many different levels: through organizations, state or federal agencies or associations. Promoting traps, trappers and trapping.

Fundraisers have been relatively successful over the past few months, 2010 Cash Calendar netted over $22,500. The Holiday Mailing was a success due to the number of membership extensions and renewals, netting over $12,000. Born to Trap fundraiser has been very successful in both donations and memberships. The Legal Fundraiser/Drive received $2430 in the first week.
NTA had our annual audit during the week of April 26th. will have a report in our Annual Report at the National.

With the Regional Leadership Conferences behind us, John Daniels, General Organizer is focusing on gaining and retaining member.. Most state associations have several members who have never taken the next step in protecting trapping by joining the NTA.

The chamber of commerce in Rock Springs, Wyoming read Dan Skurski’s press release and gave $5,000 grant that had been applied for earlier to help fund the Western Regional Convention.
The animal rights sponsored Truth in Fur Labeling Act, H B 2480, has resurfaced and there are concerns about three provisions of that proposed legislation; the attempt to label the Asiatic raccoon as ‘Raccoon Dog’ to try to destroy the marketability of the product is a violation of the World Trade Federation agreements, it was dutifully removed. Another provision all partners are opposed to would allow local units of government such as states and even municipalities to enact their own fur labeling laws!

A third concern was the proposal to eliminate the current $150 exemption for fur garment labeling. Our DNIA recommended to the EC that we officially go on record in opposition to this section of the bill. The EC agreed with that recommendation and we will proceed as advised.

 An issue of concern is the budget limitations this year of FICA and FWTH due to less support money coming from IFTF. They need the active support of the NTA and we will be there to provide that.

Conservation Director Jim Curran has been working on reviewing federal actions by the BLM, USFWS and Forest Service. In addition represented NTA with Tom Krause on the BMP committee and at the current time is reviewing the first draft of the Kit/Swift Fox BMP as a member of that ad hoc committee. These are the only two BMP documents that are scheduled this year and should be completed by mid year.

Vice President Karola Owen attended the Alaska Trappers Association’s Spring Fling in Fairbanks Alaska on March 20. The NTA thanks Alaska Trappers Association for their generous donation and support to the NTA.

Also if you are not a member or need to renew you can do so on the website or by sending $30 for one year to: National Trappers Association, 2815 Washington Avenue Bedford, Indiana 47421.

Or for questions call Headquarters @ 812-277-9670.

If you ever need anything I can do to assist you or answer questions please call, if I don’t know the answer I will get it, remember I am only a phone call away 480-390-0723.

Catch ya next Time. — Cindy Seff

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