Arizona Trappers Association March 2009

President — Rick Van Horn, 4185 N. Irving Street, Kingman, AZ 86409; phone: (928) 757-3860; e-mail:

Vice President —  Mike Burris, 5452 E.  Farmdale Avenue, Mesa AZ, 85206; phone: (480) 654-1411; e-mail:

Recording Secretary — Mike Huffer, 7720 E. Beatrice, Scottsdale, AZ 85257; phone: (480) 970-5904; e-mail:

Treasurer — Mike Hull, P.O. Box 3355, Chinle, AZ  86503; phone: (928)674-9542; e-mail:

Membership Secretary
— Amanda Prosser, P.O. Box  4111, Chino Valley, AZ 86323; phone: (928) 499-2114; e-mail:

Fur Auction manager — Bill Strauss, P.O. Box 183, Seligman, AZ 86337; phone: (480) 375-1183

NTA Director — Cindy Seff, P.O. Box 762, Seligman, AZ 86337; phone: (480)390-0723; e-mail:

Scent Post — Winter/Duncan Davis, P.O. Box 86783, Phoenix, AZ, 85080; phone:(623)466-6799; e-mail:

Membership Options:

• Adult membership including subscription to The Trapper & Predator Caller — $30
• Junior (under 16) with subscription — $20
• Family membership with subscription — $35
• Oldtimer membership with subscription — $75
• Lifetime membership with subscription — $275

Complete membership application on first page of
association section and send dues to:
ATA, Membership Secretary
Amanda Prosser
P.O. Box  4111, Chino Valley, AZ 86323
Phone: (928) 499-2114


Hello members, just a short note to let you know what’s happening at this time.

FUR SALE: We had our fur sale scheduled for Jan. 31, but with the world economy we have changed it tentatively to March 14, 2009. We need committed buyers and at this time we have a few “maybe’s” and that is not a good situation. I do not want people traveling six to seven hours to sell their hard earned pelts just to be told that they are worth nothing or have one buyer there and low bid. The ATA wants the fur sale to be beneficial for all of its members. Bill Strauss and I are doing this for the best interest of all trappers. Please call your fur counts into Bill Strauss at 480-375-1183 by the 1st of March, this is a very difficult year and again, we need committed buyers. As always, the more fur equals more buyers.

ATA CONVENTION: Our convention is still on and will be at the Gila County Fairgrounds on August 7, 8 and 9 and we will need a lot of help. This year is the 30th Anniversary of the ATA so please call or write me with your idea. I know it sounds a long way off, but it will be here before you know it. My home number is 928-757-3860 or the Trapper phone at 928-300-8684.

NEWSLETTER: I am asking all directors and members to submit something to the newsletter. It can be your fur count, a funny trapping story or even a wild game recipe just so we get something and send it to Duncan or Wynter Davis at Also, this is the last newsletter that they will be able to do and John Henry will be taking the newsletter over, thank you John Henry.

As well as being our NTA Director, Cindy Seff is still very much involved with the ATA and I want to thank you again Cindy for all you have done over the years.

— Rick Van Horn


Writing this approximately four hours from kickoff of the Super Bowl. I had some trapline maintenance to do today — pull some traps etc. I caught a nice ’cat that I set for yesterday. The ’cat was traveling a trail on the side of a wash. I made a hole set with a tinfoil flag. I resisted using tinfoil for flagging, but it works and it is easy. Coyotes still get caught at these sets so, go figure, predator trapping made simple. If you are on location, dig a hole, put a trap in front of it, put something in the hole that smells like bird, mammal or reptile flesh and hit it with a shot of urine. You are going to catch something.

I made up some new bait this morning. I cubed up the ’cat, poured catnip over it with a fish oil kicker. I will let you know the results.

All the best. And regardless of your politics, pray for our troops.

— Mike Hull


Dear ATA Members,

This month I have renewed the following members: Jack Bounds, Dexter Oliver, Keel Price, Beau Wagoner, Dale Newton, Joe Harris, Jim Conner, Chris Fitzgerald, Bill Cross, Earl Henderson, Keneth Hatch and Family,Clifford Long, Jerry Beghetti and The Finstads.

If anyone has any questions about your membership please contact me. Thank you.

— Amanda Prosser


Hello folks. Well, as you heard, it was necessary for me to change the fur sale date. It moved from Jan. 31, 2009, to March 14, 2009. The buyers I have spoken with do not have any orders to fill so I want everyone to get in touch with me because that date might be cancelled also. Some of the buyers are buying fur and the prices are lower then last year, but at least they are buying. All of you as ATA members need to read your T&PC to keep up on the fur prices. I have had people calling me thinking the prices would be up this year, but with the world economy being so bad, we are lucky to get what we get.

Marie and I finally got some steel back in the ground so it’s just a matter of time before I start skinning again. Every time my wife checks our set of traps, there’s been a bunch of deer out there so she’s already got her buck picked out for next year. HA! HA! By the way, I’m writing this letter the day after the Cardinals beat the Eagles, how ‘bout those birds! WE’RE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!

Well, I am sitting here listening to the news and we’re due for snow or rain in the next day or so, the mud is just drying up and the snow was almost gone, so that’s all we need, more water, ha!

This year will probably be my last year as Fur Manager. I am going to let someone else have a go at it. I’ll stay on as co-manager to help out, but we need some different faces in the office.

I’m gonna go for now if anyone has any questions please call me at 480-375-1183.

— Bill Strauss


We’ve received our renewed 2009 Indiana Gaming License and updated the Web site with some new merchandise and lots of new information. The 2008 Demo DVDs are now in stock and on the Web site along with a new hat and some discounted prices on 2006 and 2007 DVDs. We’ve began making payments from the general fund into the lifetime savings account to repay the funds that were borrowed in past years.

Kraig Kaatz and Dave Roberts wrote the 2009 IFTF Special Funding Grant. They have asked for $53,000 to monitor legislation, help pay for the DNIA, litigate lawsuits, work with USFWS and conduct regional media training.

The dates for the upcoming leadership conferences are:

Midwest: March 28 and 29, 2009, Signature Inn, 101 S Veterans Parkway Normal, IL, 1-800-822-5252, Room Rate: $69+tax, Reservation date cut off: Feb. 15, 2009

West: April 4 and 5, 2009, Super 8 Motel, 4250 Koval Lane Las Vegas, NV, 1-702-794-0888, Room Rate: $60+tax, Reservation date cut off: March 16, 2009

Southeast: April 18 and 19, 2009, Comfort Inn, 4965 Montevallo Road Birmingham, AL, 1-205-314-2400, Room Rate: $77+tax. Reservation date cut off: March 18, 2009

Northeast: April 25 and 26, 2009, Fairfield Inn & Suites, 101 Saratoga Village Boulevard Malta, NY, 1-518-899-6900, Room Rate: $93+tax, Reservation date cut off: March 26, 2009

The NTA is always looking for a state affiliate to host a NTA regional convention so, please think about having your state host one. Bring your proposal, ideas or request to the leadership conferences or phone NTA Convention Coordinator.

Conservation Director Jim Curran and President Kaatz have been working on improving our review of Federal Actions that are posted on the USFWS Web site as well as the Federal Registry. We have submitted comments supporting the new delisting package for the grey wolf in the Northern Rocky Mountain Region and a letter of opposition to the expansion of the critical habitat designation for the Canada Lynx.

Jim Curran Conservation Director attended the National Miss Rodeo America Pageant in Las Vegas representing the National Trappers Association. As well as the BMP meeting in New Orleans. He has also been working on an agreement to allow for the development of three different 50th Anniversary Bear Traps that will be sold and a royalty paid to the NTA.

The NTA has been involved with the AWI lawsuit in ME as an intervener. Gary Leistico provided us with the following update:

The case is set for trial starting on April 13, and is expected to last approximately four days. Since trapping is primarily wrapped up in Maine for this season, and because the Court denied the two motions previously filed by AWI to enjoin trapping this fall, I would not expect anything new or additional to come up beyond that set out in the scheduling order. You never know for sure though. It is my understanding that I will be appearing at the trial and participating in the pretrial matters. A lot of the pretrial work will have to do with considering a set of facts to possibly stipulate to with AWI, and to otherwise deal with expert witness issues. The case is where it should in the process at this time.
Everything seems to be under control for the time being. Otherwise, I am monitoring for anti-trapping stuff.

As for a reminder, the NTA Conventions are as follows: SE will be in Williamstown, NC on May 1 to 3. The NE Regional will be in Pittsfield, PA on May 8 to 10, 2009. The Western NTA Regional Convention will be held in Lewistown, Montana Sept. 18 to 20. The NTA 50th Anniversary National Convention will be held from July 30 to Aug. 1 and Board of Directors beginning with Executive council July 26 to July 29 meeting will be held in Lima, Ohio. Watch the NTA Web site for additional information.

The NTA is currently looking for anyone whom might be interested in sponsoring the plaques for the trap setting contests and or the traps for those plaques. We will need a sponsors for all three 2009 NTA Regional Conventions as well as the 50th Anniversary NTA National Convention. Anyone interested can contact our Convention Coordinator, Dan Skurski at 231-938-4432.

Remember this year is election year for President and General Organizer. Please send your ballot in this summer when you receive them. Every vote counts! Those nominated and accepted nominations are for President: Kraig Kaatz and Bruce Hutton and General Organizer: Todd Roggenkamp.

The link to the NTA Web site is Stop by and visit for current information as well as contact info for your national organization.

I will finish this newsletter off with the request that if you are not a member of the NTA, please get yourself signed up. You can send your $30 for your year’s subscription, which includes the American Trapper magazine, to the NTA: National Trappers Association, 2815 Washington Ave., Bedford, IN. 47421. I am only a phone call away so don’t hesitate to contact me with concerns or comments.

Catcha next time.

— Cindy Seff

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