Arkansas Fur Trappers November 2013 Report

ASSOCIATION CONTACT — Arkansas Fur Trappers Association, P.O. Box 1681, Greenwood, AR 72936; 479-651-3597;

President — Brad McDaniel; 479-651-3597

Vice President — Greg Griffith; 479-774-1434

Secretary/Treasurer — Mark Alexander; 479-310-0692;

General Organizer — Donald Wilcox; 479-997-8559


Membership Options:

• Individual membership without T&PC — $10

• Individual membership with T&PC — $22

• Family membership without T&PC — $13

• Family membership with T&PC — $25

• Lifetime membership with plaque (without T&PC) — $100

• Commercial membership/sponsorship — Please contact an AFTA officer for pricing and information.


Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

Arkansas Fur Trappers Association

P.O. Box 1681

Greenwood, AR 72936



A Trapper Workshop Day was held last month at the home of Don Wilcox, a few miles north of Mulberry. Fifteen young and old trappers of all experience levels spent the day making sets and discussing tips, tricks and behavior patterns for your common furbearer species. Cool weather came just in time for that weekend and the muscadine vines were dropping the last of their fruit. Still warm enough that an uninvited guest by the name of Mr No Shoulders made an appearance in the creek, then left just as quick. Plans are to make the workshop an annual event and is free except that Don charges a quarter for every tick that’s taken off the property.

Just a few weeks left until the main fur season opens, still time to get boiling and waxing done if you haven’t yet. With decent prices last year and vendors reporting good sales, there may be a little competition in some areas.

That’s about it for new business, as always we have AFT logo hats for sale $15 shipped anywhere in the US, AFT membership form is on the first page of this news section, and anyone wanting to start an AFT chapter in your area, contact an officer and we’ll get you started.

Feel free to contact us anytime at the phone numbers above, via email or visit our Facebook page and group.

Good luck this season, stay safe, and take a kid trapping. — Mark Alexander

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