Arkansas Trappers Association February 2014 Report


President — Aaron Hitchcock, 9331 Sister Lane, Mulberry, AR 72947; 479-997-5361;

Vice President — Charlie Bass, 6755 Bethesda Lane, Batesville, AR 72501; 870-698-1154;

Secretary/Treasurer — Gary Gray, PO Box 493, Arkadelphia, AR 71923; 870-403-2469;

NTA Director — Mike Fischer, 13823 Masoner Road, Lonsdale, AR 72087; 501-939-2325

Editor — Gary Helms, 1092 Vanderbilt Rd., Texarkana, AR 71854; 870-772-3834;


Membership Options:

• Individual membership including subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $22

• Family membership with subscription — $27


Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

ATA, Secretary/Treasurer

Gary Gray

PO Box 493

Arkadelphia, AR 71923



I don’t know about the rest of the State, but this has certainly been the coldest and wettest winter I can remember for the southwest corner of Arkansas! So much for global warming, I guess. The constant freezing and thawing is something I’m not used to, and has presented quite a challenge for me this year. Like any good trapper, I’m adapting and will be better prepared the next time I’m faced with these conditions.

Hopefully the rest of you are having a better season than I am, and will be at the fur sale with truckloads of fur! By now, the early lot numbers for the fur sale have been drawn and everyone should be receiving their numbers by e-mail or postcard. For those that didn’t pre-register by January 15th, you’ll be given the next available lot number on a first come, first served basis. For our newest members and anyone that’s never sold fur at our sale before, here is the schedule and guideline of how our sale works:

ATA 2014 Fur Sale

February 15th, 2014

Pope County Fairgrounds

500 S Knoxville

Russellville, AR 72801

Sale Schedule:

6:30 a.m. – Doors will open

Anyone who does not have a lot # may obtain one on a first come, first served basis after verification of membership and dues payment if required.

A checklist, lot tags, and lot forms may be picked up inside at the registration table. Lot forms are 25 cents each paid when picked up.

7:00 a.m. – Lots 1-15 may begin bringing fur into the building.

We will post on a dry wipe board when other lots should be brought in.

If your lot # comes up and your fur is not at the table, or if your fur sale lot slips are not legible, your fur will be moved to the end of the line.

Do not bring in fur until your number is in the range posted!

Exception – otters and bobcats must be brought temporarily to the AGFC table to get CITES tags.

A representative of the AGFC will be available to issue CITES tags for bobcats and otters. You must bring these furs to their table to get the tags. Untagged otters and bobcats will NOT be sold.

8:00 a.m. – Sale will begin

Sale Guidelines:

There is a maximum of 27 sub-lots per seller. For example, if you receive lot #15, you mayy label tags and forms with the following sub-lot numbers: 15,15A,15B,15C…15X,15Y,15Z.

Note: the first sub-lot number will be 15 not 15A. If you need more than 27 sub-lots come to the registration table for assistance.

There is a 5 percent commission on the total selling price of your fur as well as a 25 cent charge per sub-lot. Each sub-lot requires a separate lot form.

Each sub-lot may contain as many furs of one species as you wish to sell simultaneously. No more than 5 green beaver or otter OR 10 green raccoon may be bundled together. (Any more than that is too heavy for our fur handlers). Each sub-lot may contain several bundles.

If you wish to reject a bid (PO – Pull Out), you must do so before the fur leaves the auction table.

Sellers must be ATA members. Anyone desiring membership may aquire it at the ATA table.

NO “outside deals” (selling privately or not across the auction table). The only exception is deer hides and antlers.

ALL fur WILL go across the auction table for ALL buyers to bid on!!! Violators may be banned from future ATA events.

Beaver castors must be dried or fully thawed so they can be inspected by the buyers. Anyone attempting to sell frozen castors will risk a greatly reduced price or a “no sale”.

If anyone needs help filling out their forms, or sorting their fur into sub-lots, or moving their fur, or anything else, JUST ASK! There will be plenty of guys there with lots of experience eager to assist you, but you will need to let them know you need assistance. Don’t forget to bring your AGFC Customer ID# or Hunting License #. Also, pitch in and help out wherever you can. This is all done with volunteer help. The more help we get, the easier it is on everybody. From set up on Friday evening, to clean up on Saturday when it ends, all help is greatly appreciated! Check our website at for more info.

People keep asking about the fur prices. I don’t know if they’ll be up or down when we have our fur sale. What I do know is that I’m gonna make more money from trapping than anyone’s making from deer hunting or duck hunting, and the more fur I sell, the more money I’ll collect. Keep on trapping and catch all you can between now and the fur sale! I’ll see ya there! — Gary Helms

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