Arkansas Trappers Association November 2012 Report

President — Aaron Hitchcock, 9331 Sister Lane, Mulberry, AR 72947; 479-997-5361; AHITCH81@YAHOO.COM

Vice President — Charlie Bass, 6755 Bethesda Lane, Batesville, AR 72501; 870-698-1154;

Secretary/Treasurer — Gary Gray, PO Box 493, Arkadelphia, AR 71923; 870-403-2469;

NTA Director — Mike Fischer, 13823 Masoner Road, Lonsdale, AR 72087; 501-939-2325

Editor — Gary Helms, 1092 Vanderbilt Rd., Texarkana, AR 71854; 870-772-3834;


Membership Options:

• Individual membership including subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $22

• Family membership with subscription — $27


Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

ATA, Secretary/Treasurer

Rocky Weeks

P.O. Box 987

Cabot, AR 72023



Another State convention has come and gone, and trapping season is fast approaching. This year’s convention brought on some new changes for the ATA. First, I want to congratulate all of the Officers in their new positions. These are all hard working members that share a love for this association, and will see that it continues to grow and move forward. Another change is the choice the membership made to start Districts across the State. The vote was 60-28 in favor of Districts! I have never seen so many people attend one of our conventions, as I did this year. I’ve talked with many more that wanted to be there to cast their vote for Districts, but for several different reasons, were unable to attend. This was an important issue for many of our members, because they truly felt that they had no voice or representation in our association. Now every member, old or new, is part of a District with a District Representative to share their ideas and concerns with the rest of the Board members. Districts are holding meetings all across the State right now, and electing members from their area to be their District Reps. I should be able to give you a list of District Reps. and their contact info in next month’s report. In the meantime, you can visit our website @ for updated info or call one of the officers listed above. I feel confident that the new officers and District Representatives will work together to make the Arkansas Trappers Association bigger, stronger, and better than ever!

As stated before, the turnout this year was huge. I saw many good friends from past conventions, and made some new friends this year, as well. The best part was seeing so many new faces. Rocky says we issued 34 new memberships! It seems word got out about our District’s vote, and people came from all areas of the State to cast their vote for Districts! My only regret is that I didn’t get to meet them all and thank them personally. These conventions usually have us officers pulled in about eight different directions at any given time.

These conventions don’t happen by themselves. There is much work and preparation that goes on behind the scenes. I don’t have the time or space here to thank everyone involved, but please know that if you played a part in making this year’s convention a success, your hard work and dedication are noticed and appreciated. This year’s award recipients were:

Trapper Of The Year – Willard Watson

Mr. & Mrs. Trapper – Wayne and Connie Watson

Appreciation Award – Randy & Karen Davis

Each of these awards were well earned and deserved!

I want to thank everyone for allowing me to serve as President for the past seven years, and for electing me as Editor this year. However, I’m pressed for time, so I’m cutting this report short. Check here and on our website for future updates and District news! See ya next month! — Gary Helms

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