At Least Two Tags Filled on First Day of Idaho Wolf Hunting Season

The Idaho Statesman reports that at least two wolves were shot in the first day of the Idaho wolf hunt. About 10,000 tags have been sold so far and hunters will be allowed to kill 220 wolves. Idaho is home to an estimated 1,000 wolves.

Here’s an excerpt from the story:

Robert Millage of Kamiah said he was surrounded by a pack of wolves
before dawn and waited until light to call them with a hand call that
sounded like a wounded coyote. The 80-pound female wolf came fast to
him 25 yards before Millage shot her with his .243 rifle in the Lolo

“The whole area is lousy with them,” Millage said. “But I guess it was the luck of the draw.”

shortly after sunrise archery hunter Jay Mize of Emmett walked out of
his tent to see a wolf harassing his horse at Bull Trout Lake near
Stanley. He walked back into his tent, put his rifle together and shot
the wolf, said Jon Rachael, Idaho Department of Fish and Game wolf

“He said he had bought a wolf tag but never planned to use it,” Rachael said. “He was going to have it framed.”

A pending court decision by a federal judge in Montana still looms over the season. Thirteen environmental groups have requested that the season be shutdown and U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy is considering whether to stop the hunt while the groups’ lawsuit to
return wolves to the federal endangered species list is considered.

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8 thoughts on “At Least Two Tags Filled on First Day of Idaho Wolf Hunting Season

  1. Great wolf Robert, A trophy that many hunters would like to have the chance to take. dont fret on the negitives from the uneducated and the close minded.

  2. I am one of those hunters with mixed feelings. I appreciate the trophy but I am not a trophy hunter. I am a meat hunter so If I don’t eat it I don’t hunt it. That being said, though, I am positive that if my horse was being harassed, I would have done the same thing.

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