August 2009 Issue

August 2009Trapper & Predator Caller was created with a singular purpose: offer practical, comprehensive information for those who harvest fur and call predators. Each edition offers insights from experts with years of experience, offering ways to enrich trapping and calling knowledge. From beginners to veterans, Trapper & Predator Caller has something for everyone. Discover more with a subscription.

Inside This Issue

• Editor Jim Spencer looks at the past and future of the magazine in his “Editor’s Call” column. Click here to read his musings.

•  Even a die-hard blind-setter can catch more mink with the aid of the right lure at the right time, writers Jim Spencer.

• Nathan Roberts advocates a few easy steps to be discreet in the field.

• Sometimes just arriving at the trapline can be as much of a challenge as running it for Alaskan trappers. Just ask Marty Meierotto.

•   It’s tough work, but using a dog team on the line is an experience like no other, as Pete Buist can attest.

• Marten trapping in Alaska requires some long, cold days out in the elements. Joe Letarte reflects on the risks and rewards.

• Don’t fight bad breezes, learn how to use them to your advantage with tips from Lance Homman.

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