Bear Enters Pittsburgh Mall

A young, female black bear was caught inside a Sears store at a Pittsburgh mall Saturday night. And she wasn’t alone. A second, much larger bear was also seen near the mall later.


“The bear just walked up to the automatic doors, they opened and he just ran in,” Brian Grant, the security director for the Pittsburgh Mills mall, told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review about the first bear. “One of our officers arrived here and saw people running out the doors.”


The female was estimated to weight 120 to 125 pounds and is believed to be about 1.5 years old. After entering the mall, the store was evacuated. The bear was eventually trapped in the double-door entrance. It was later tranquilized and released back into the wild.

A second bear was spotted later that night near the mall, less than two hours after the first bear was tranquilized. It was not captured and was seen again on Sunday, according to a WPXI report.  State wildlife officials are now trying to trap it so they can relocate it as well.

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