Beaver for Dinner?

Would you try a beaver burger?

Duane Fronek, of the Wild Wisconsin blog, has a fantastic post up today about eating beaver meat, complete with very detailed instructions on how to prepare the meat. You can read the post by clicking HERE.

“Anything you can do with beef, you can do with beaver, well except a good steak,” Fronek wrote on the post. “Take a walk on the wild side and give it a try. Beaver, it’s what’s for dinner.”

So, who has eaten beaver meat? If you haven’t tried it, would you?

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13 thoughts on “Beaver for Dinner?

  1. Thanks for the plug. I appreciate it. I try to utilize meat from trapping when possible, cleaning the animal is the most important if you want good tasting meat, just like cleaning a deer. If you are sloppy in how you handle the dressing part it can ruin the flavor.

  2. Beaver is great.I have used it in homemade veg. soup instead of beef.I have baked the loin as you would a beef roast.I have made jerky.I have bbq.steaks on the grill.I tried beaver tail but that didn’t turn out so well.I think it would be better deep fried.

  3. Beaver is pretty common and highly regarded tablefare among the folks in bush Alaska. Most of the ones taken for food are taken in the late winter to early spring. I like it about as well as any other meat.
    Trim all the fat off, half dry in a smokehouse for about three days with a cottonwood or fruitwood smoke on them then roast in oven.
    You can skip the half-drying. Just trim all the fat off. Parboil, then oven roast.
    Steve Cochran
    King Cove, AK

  4. After many years of trapping – we finally tried beaver a few years back and now enjoy it quite a bit. My favorite way was to grind it up for buritos and tacos. I made a big batch and secretly fed it to friends – now they ask if me to make it. It’s great in the crockpot too!!

  5. The Missaukee Conservation Club near Lake City, MI has been putting on annual Beaver Dinners for 58 years. If you are in the area stop in and try the different cooking styles from smoked, BBQ’d, Broasted and others. This year the dinner is on Saturday April 21, 2012. The public is invited and there are prizes, auctions to benefit the outdoors education the club sponsors including Hunter Education classes.

  6. Had roast young beaver seveal years ago and it was superb, similar to a sweet turkey. Then I fixed my own and made the mistake of geting either oil or castor on the meat. Not sure whether I’ll ever try it again.

  7. been eating it for years i prefer it over beef i soak it in salt water for a week and then deep fry my kids call it beaver mcnuggets i used to bone out the beaver i trapped and mix with vension to grind into burger not bad e holland doniphan, mo

  8. I am a pretty good cook and have served up coon and muskrat on many occasions but have yet to succeed with beaver. I have tried roasting it stuffed and making a chili out of it. The flavor is very strong even if i brine it over night. Any recommendations on recipes?

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