California Trappers Association August 2014 Report

President — John Clark, 907 Holmes Flat Rd., Redcrest, CA 95569; 707-722-4259

Vice President — James C. Schmerker Jr., P.O. Box 1166, Bethel Island, CA 94511; 925-684-3855;

Membership Secretary — Rita Clark, 907 Holmes Flat Rd. Redcrest, CA 95569; 707-722-4259

Secretary — Leona Hencratt; 530-547-3240

Treasurer — John Clark, 907 Holmes Flat Rd. Redcrest, CA 95569


Membership Options:

• Family membership including subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $25

• Junior membership with subscription — $15

• Lifetime membership — $300

• Subscription cost for life members — $12


Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

CTA, Membership Secretary

Rita Clark 

907 Holmes Flat Rd. Redcrest, CA 95569





Hello Trappers,

Well another 30 days or 31 days have gone by. This month has been a bad month for me. I just can’t get my mind on the days. This last weekend, I was getting ready to go to the hills and check on some trail cams. I was going out Sunday when the thought hit me that I was to go set up a camp to stay for a week. I thought I had another week to go before setting it up. Now I can’t go to the hills for two weeks. Where did the time go? Does any one else have this happen to them? I hope the coyotes will enjoy the picks if only they could see them. I got them out on some new ground no one has hunted for some time. The owner said there are a few cats around, long tails or stub tails we shall see.

There are a lot of ’coons around this year. I’ve never seen so many killed on highway, two or three a day. I picked up some but a lot of blood shot in the skin does not look good when you skin them.

Fish & Wildlife here in this state is still working on the boundary around parks and some other places where we cannot trap bobcats. Three people are working on this. Two are PETA and one sportsman. They’ve got their work cut out for them. I would like to say what I think, but I will stay mum on this for now.

Every trapper should start looking some trapping ground over for sign, like who is there and how often. Brush out a short trail in the dirt and check out the tracks in a day or so, or do like I do and use trail cams. They work 24-7. I like them. While they work one place, I look at other places closer to home that I can look at every day.

Well, enough for now. — John Clark



Hello Trappers,

Well things are moving fast around this state. Some is OK, and some is in the poop pot.

I hope all the trappers have renewed their licenses as notices were sent out. At this time, I don’t see any big change. As the seasons have closed, don’t stop looking for trails where the fur moves. Now is a good time to find good trails that they move on. You can see them in the grass for coyotes and some ’cats. When you get to close brush, the foxes, skunks and other fur use that. River bars and creek beds have lots of tracks as the water is low in winter they use higher ground.

Here in California, there is some game that is no take on. It is a pain when across the state line they can take it. I don’t want to go there now.

There are some meetings coming up in the week or so about lead bullets and that wolf that spends most of his time in the state north of us. I will let you know how meetings go. I hope you voted for the right people where you live to do the job us sportsmen need in there for us, we the people of this state. The overall country comes up next. Most of the people in big towns don’t know squat about out of town.

Now to move to better things — trapping. We the trappers here in this state deal with a lot of guff but work with it. Some time back, I said things about people helping us in this state. Well, a few sent us some money to fight some bills. Some came from the East Coast and Midwest. Even here in this state, some joined CTA. To all those who helped goes a BIG thank you. Every bit helps. Membership is coming slow but good.

That is about all for now. Thanks to all trappers. — John Clark



Hi, folks. Hope all is well, now that we’re into the summer season. Things have been changing more than a little on the licensing front. The division between those who trap for profit, i.e., nuisance wildlife folks and all, do not need to submit a report to illustrate the number of animals taken in their business.

For folks that have, as they put it, recreational trapping activities, i.e., fur-related, the trapping report form has morphed a bit. As well as the list of species, total numbers sold, there are sections for the county each species is trapped in, the number killed, the number of traps set, and the number of days trapped. This will be rather daunting for really active participants. I guess I should say that you best keep a log of all this info, more like a diary. If I write down every day a trap is set and how many for each species, I am really gonna wish for accountant-like mental abilities. Our new Fish & Wildlife (not Game) has raised the bar a bit. We must keep in mind that you have to sign this new Tapping Report, as all information herein is certified true and correct. Make it so. Lastly, the Trapping Report must be submitted before July 1, or they will suspend your license. I really hate being the bearer of what might be bad news for late applicants, but I didn’t get my new license and related info back ‘til about 10 days before July, and I can’t make up the lost time before printing. Sorry.

And just for fun, the new license format is on thermal paper. It’s also your receipt, and all newfangled and computer-y looking. The new license application thingy is called ALDS (Automated License Data System).

The Fish and Game Code has been modified by the Bobcat Protection Act of 2013 with Section 4155. This makes it unlawful to trap, attempt to trap, sell, or export, any bobcats or bobcat parts in the area around Joshua Tree National Park. Here’s the fun part – we are to be advised that further bobcat trapping closure zones will be developed and implemented through Fish & Game Commissions’ normal rulemaking processes 2014-15. More fun ensues, don’t’cha know!

I hope that all those that read this take heart in that our sport/lifestyle is still the best. We may be outnumbered and misunderstood, but we are the bulwark against mismanagement and overpopulation, ensuing disease, etc. The world we take part in making is the most reasonable and good. I hope that you all do well in your yesterdays, today, and, yes, tomorrow.

Take care. — James C. Schmerker Jr.


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