California Trappers Association January 2015 Report

President — John Clark, 907 Holmes Flat Rd., Redcrest, CA 95569; 707-722-4259

Vice President — James C. Schmerker Jr., 3345 Bixler Road #1806, Discovery Bay, CA 94505; 925-684-3855;

Membership Secretary — Rita Clark, 907 Holmes Flat Rd. Redcrest, CA 95569; 707-722-4259

Secretary — Leona Hencratt; 530-547-3240

Treasurer — John Clark, 907 Holmes Flat Rd. Redcrest, CA 95569

Membership Options:

• Family membership including subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $25

• Junior membership with subscription — $15

• Lifetime membership — $300

• Subscription cost for life members — $12

Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

CTA, Membership Secretary

Rita Clark 

907 Holmes Flat Rd. Redcrest, CA 95569



Hello Trappers.

Here we go with another letter. I hope it gets read as sometimes I get things in there that need to be said. Sometimes it is not to be said. It makes me think all month and come time to put it into words, I forgot what I was going to say.

Well, the lead ban in this state is going slow and it is kinda looking at a good way like dig a hole and bury the gut pile. Now that is a personal thing, do or don’t. I don’t shoot any game in the gut, but some people don’t understand.

The bobcat thing is still going on. If you look on the Internet at The Sportsman’s Voice, you can read most of what is going on. Some of it is way out in left field and I don’t think some of the people know what they are talking about.

I went hunting the other day and had a good time. I didn’t get a coyote but got to see something I have never seen before. I put my FOXPRO out, backed up about 35 yards and sat there for a little while when a woman came walking by. I let her go. She was about 50 feet past the FOXPRO when I turned on the lone howl of a coyote. She stopped, and as luck would have it, a coyote about 200 yards down the road howled back. The look was like something you have never seen before. She came back past me and I gave her the kiy kiy and she was gone in high gear, wet pants and all. I know who she is and will never tell her.

As far as the trapping season is going, it is slow in some places as it is warm and no snow. I think things will get better with some cooler weather. About it for now. Keep trapping. — John Clark


Howdy folks, nice cold winter despite the climate complaints from everyone else. Our coyotes, ’coons, cats and foxes are beautifully furred despite being so close to a “temperate” zone. I gotta say, this is a good luck year in a lot of respects. Our East Bay red fox population is amazingly rebounding; it only took about 12 years for them to get back after sarcoptic mange wiped them out back then. The grays did well because they are resistant to the mange, but the coyotes and foxes took quite a hit. The coyotes cover a lot of dirt, so they bounced back pretty quick. It’s nice to see so many reds, first time in over a decade.

It’s really odd to be old and not know it. I got the word that one of our esteemed wardens is retiring after 25 years in service. She remembers more about me than I’d ever admit from back in my teething days as a trapper child 20 years ago. I must say that I’ve got all our local wardens on speed dial. My best advice is to get to know them without grinding on them with attitude. A lot of folks resent them for their position; I think most of us trappers probably have more grumpiness within than we realize. All the ones I get to work with all the time are great people, they have to be an interface between regular folks and us with the law, just sayin’.

On a different note, some of the “kids” I know are coming along nicely. (By “kids” I mean 20-plus young men, some with kids of their own.) They have been working with hounds, studying the rules, and working on and getting their licenses. Congrats, David! They do really well considering how much flak I got for being outdoor-minded long ago, to do it nowadays is a steeper hill than I had to climb way back then.

I hope everyone is having a great season. Happy holidays and all. Talk soon. — James Schmerker

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