California Trappers Association June-July 2012 Report

President — John Clark, 907 Holmes Flat Rd., Redcrest, CA 95569; 707-722-4259

Vice President — James C. Schmerker Jr., P.O. Box 1166, Bethel Island, CA 94511; 925-684-3855;

Membership Secretary — Rita Clark, 907 Holmes Flat Rd. Redcrest, CA 95569; 707-722-4259

Secretary — Leona Hencratt; 530-547-3240

Treasurer — John Clark, 907 Holmes Flat Rd. Redcrest, CA 95569


Membership Options:

• Family membership including subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $25

• Junior membership with subscription — $15

• Lifetime membership — $300

• Subscription cost for life members — $12


Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

CTA, Membership Secretary

Rita Clark 

907 Holmes Flat Rd. Redcrest, CA 95569




There has been a couple bills that have been going through the Senate and House it has little to nothing to do with trapping but it has a thing to do with bobcats. They want to stop the hunting with dogs, bear and bobcats. There is another bill that wants to stop bear hunting in Calif. Contact people in your districts in the Senate and House. Tell them to vote NO on the bills. At this I cannot find the bill numbers. I will try to have more for you soon. One other thing talking to board members we are raising membership dues to $25:00 as the price of the mag. Has gone up. This is to help of set out costs. Sorry about that but things happen. — John


Hello trappers. Another month has gone by, the trapping seasons have come to a halt. For some things some critters it is open year round. Well talked to some people and the wolf that I talked about is going back and forth across the border. Dont know at this time where he is. In the news there has been some cases where coyotes have been biting more people not only Calif. But other states. If the fur prices were better for the coyote, us trappers and callers would get more of them. I also hear that rabies is on the rise again, not sure where, but will check into it. There is a bill in Calif. that we found out about a week ago. It is senate bill no. 1480. Most of it is not good, they want us to have 2 kinds of trapping licenses. A class 1 and a class 2. The class 2 if you are trapping wildlife for profit you need a class 2 and the fish and game would list your license and your name on the internet web site. It also stops trapping of beaver and musrats. We would no longer be able to use the 330 conibear trap. If you want the hole scoop, you can get it off the internet. Download and print like I did and read it over and over. As I write this, it is said to be heard tomrrow. Maybe. Havent any info on the lawsuit at this moment. Take care and go out and get a few coyotes. Later. — John Clark

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  1. Howdy, would like to know if there are any events or seminars for beginning Trappers. An avid hunter waterfowl – deer – elk and would like to be able to learn this trade. Could you please point me the direction…. thank you
    Tom Strong

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