Calling Kansas — Coyote Hunting on the Prairie

“If hunting was easy, they’d call it killing.”

It was the mantra Predators on the Prairie sweepstakes winner Ed Bergum took to each stand last weekend as we called in northeast Kansas with Flambeau Outdoors’ Tad Brown, Todd Wilson and Tom Wilson.

Winner Ed Bergum, left, and Trapper & Predator Caller Managing Editor Jared Blohm with the coyotes Bergum shot.

Ed shot two two coyotes with his new Rock River Arms Predator Assault Rifle on the first full day of the hunt, but some close calls and bad luck left the weekend total at two. When a truck drove into our 25th and final set up on Sunday just as a large coyote crested the hill we were calling, it was a frustrating but fitting end to the hunt.

Bergum looks through his newNikon Coyote Special
3-9×40 Scope on his Rock River Arms rifle. He also won Mossy Oak camouflage, M.A.D. hand calls, a M.A.D.
electronic call and a Flambeau Lone Howler Decoy.

Fortunately, we all still managed to have a blast. And the “what if” moments we experienced just give us some more fuel for the next hunt.

From left, Bergum, Todd Wilson, Tom Wilson and Tad Brown discuss the strategy of the next stand.

Watch upcoming issues of Trapper & Predator Callerfor more on the hunt.

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