Canadian Municipality Aiming to Turn Mink Manure into Electricity


A Nova Scotia, Canada, municipality is moving closer to making electricity from mink manure. The Nova Scotia Department of Energy recently approved the renewable energy project for the District of Digby, which is located on the western shore of Nova Scotia, only about 60 miles off the coast of Maine. The same technology is used for generating electricity from silage and cow and hog manure, but this project would be the first of its kind using mink manure anywhere in the world.

“This project will lead towards improved stewardship for the mink industry and have the added benefit of reducing harmful greenhouse gases,” Linda Gregory, the warden of The Municipality of the District of Digby, told the Digby County Courier.

A company named South West Eco Energy will build the 53,000-cubic-foot facility and then pick up mink manure and waste feed from local farms to collect in their facility.

“The anaerobic digestor heats the manure, agitates it and allows special bacteria that work in the absence of oxygen to break down the organic matter,” according to the Digby County Courier article. “South West Eco Energy then collects the resulting methane gas and sells it to the municipality. The municipality is installing a generator on the site to burn the gas and make electricity.”

Who’d have thought mink scat could be so useful?

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  1. Biomethane production is probably one of the most useful technologies going and I am delighted to hear that someone has taken the initiative to show what has been hastily judged as a polluting nuisance for what is truly is… a valuable resource. More power to South West Eco(no pun intended). And kudos to the municipality for backing them up!

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