Cardboard Coyotes Startle Jogger

Sarnia City Hall put out cardboard cutouts of coyotes to try to scare geese away from a park in an attempt to reduce geese droppings. When the cutouts went missing, officials assumed they were stolen, but a article tells the whole story:

jogger out for a run early one morning came across the coyote cutouts
and was so startled she ran to a nearby construction site.

There, she told a worker a coyote had ‘barked’ at her and that she feared it would give chase, McCallum said.

The worker called 911 and Sarnia police were dispatched.

They arrived on the scene and quickly surrounded the coyote, only then discovering it was made of cardboard.

The police, smelling an elaborate prank, confiscated the cutouts.

Those decoys must have been good…

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