Colorado Trappers Association September 2009 Report

President — Otis Latham, P.O. Box 61, Mesa, CO 81645 phone: 970-268-5554; e-mail:

Vice President — Marvin D. Miller, 29156 Summit Ranch Dr., Golden, CO 80401; phone: 303-526-9207

Secretary/Treasurer — Paula Nall 515 E. Strohm,Haxtun, CO 80731; phone: 970-774-3380

Fur Auction Manager — Alan Nall, 515 E. Strohm, Haxtun, CO 80731; phone: 970-774-3380

Public Relations Director — Opal Watts, P.O. Box 29, Dumont CO 80436; phone: 303-569-2953

NTA Southwest Regional Director
— Marvin D. Miller, 29156 Summit Ranch Dr., Golden, CO 80401; phone: 303-526-9207

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CTA, Secretary/Treasurer
Paula Nall
515 E. Strohm, Haxtun, CO 80731


There are three steps to accomplishment: Plan purposefully. Proceed positively. Pursue persistently. I believe Colorado trappers have done that. July 9 found myself and other members in Fort Collins for the final step of the three-step petition process with the Wildlife Commission. After the dust had cleared, and the Commission had voted, Colorado fur harvesters walked away with a 6-3 victory. This is a huge accomplishment for the Colorado Trappers Association. And the Director of the Division of Wildlife needs a big thank you too. Mr. Remington did a wonderful job of explaining why this was a good thing to the Commission. It’s the first time in a while in wildlife management that science and common sense actually prevailed.

What does all this mean to Colorado fur harvesters? Beginning Nov. 1 you will be able to harvest grey fox, swift fox, long and short tailed weasels, ringtail cats, western spotted skunks and opossum. There are many people who worked on getting this passed, from drawing up paper work, lobbying, attending meetings, giving testimony. I think a thank you is in order to some individuals. Major, Marvin, Claude, Opal, Don and Gary, until you’re all better paid, thank you so much. One other item also, and I’m not sure how it is being worded, but it will be illegal to trade, barter, sell, an un-sealed bobcat pelt. And the person who harvested the bobcat will have to be the person who gets it sealed now. We were under the assumption that it was always that way, but there was a loop hole, and it is fixed now.

Rendezvous is quickly approaching. Marvin will have a lot more in his report, but I do have some reminders. I’m still looking for nominations for Trapper of the Year, Wildlife Professional of the Year, Workhorse of the Year, and Junior Trapper of the Year. Those can be mailed to me or you can e-mail them at

There will be elections for Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, NW and SE Directors. Now’s the time for the younger generation to step up to the plate. I have already offered to take the NTA position if no one else wants it. Penny Hardrick has asked that if anyone wants to take the CCW class (conceal carry) that she would offer it at rendezvous. She would need at least six students and they need to be confirmed ASAP so she can order things from the N.R.A., she is also willing to do it at a reduced price to members. Ladies, you won’t find a cheaper class. Penny can be reached at 970-464-5059, RSVP please. Guys and gals who need cages, please let the Schroeders know what you want by pre-ordering. It will save you a ton in shipping and sure makes there lives easier.

They can be reached at 308-381-2077. I will have bobcat and grey fox boards also, and maybe even some weasel boards. If you want something else, call me and I can bring them with me.

See ya all down south, adios.

— Otis Latham


The Wildlife Commission on July 9, 2009 approved our petition to reinstate trapping and shooting of all the eliminated species except eastern spotted skunk. That means you can take grey fox, swift fox, both weasels, opossum, western spotted skunk and civet cat along with the mink and marten approved three years ago.

The Rendezvous is mostly set up. We will have several presentations that are really new and different from the previous. There will be an amateur turkey calling, an advanced predator calling, bobcat in a box, grey fox in a box, info on the SE area, and a Pinon Canyon Maneuver site update.

The word on the barbecue is beef and elk cooked in the ground. We will have water and some electricity for the presentations. Any women that want concealed carry instruction should call Penny Hardrick at 970-464-5059. If she gets six women at $50 each she will put on the course during the Rendezvous. Remember to get in your recommendations for the Trapper of the Year, Junior Trapper, Wildlife Professional and Workhorse of the Year to Odie by Sunday morning, 9/6. Get with people to find a new Vice-President and new or reelected Secretary-Treasurer, SE and NW director.

— Marvin D. Miller

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