Colorado Trappers Association December 2013 Report


President — Otis Latham, P.O. Box 61, Mesa, CO 81643; 970-268-5554;

Vice President — Dan Gates, P.O. Box 128, Canon City, CO 81215; 719-275-4077

Secretary/Treasurer — Cheryl Oleyar, 1362 Hillcrest Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80909; 719-471-0739;

Fur Auction Manager — Greg Ashmore, 38967 Country Road 24, Hugo, CO 80821; 719-743-2552;

Public Relations Director — Opal Watts, PO Box 29, Dumont, CO 80436; 303-569-2953

NTA Representative — Otis Latham, PO Box 61, Mesa, CO 81645; 970-268-5554;

Historian — Marvin D. Miller, Historian, 29156 Summit Ranch Drive, Golden, CO 80401


Membership Options:

Membership dues including subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller – $30


Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

CTA Secretary/Treasurer

Cheryl Oleyar

1362 Hillcrest Ave

Colorado Springs, CO 80909



Things are heating up with the upcoming season and interest continues to grow due to market conditions and the progressive efforts within the association and industry as well. I have been in this business/sport for most all of my life and we only get to take the opportunity and enjoy such cycles a couple of times in our lives. Enjoy it and remember it because it won’t last forever but we can hope that it continues for awhile.

We continue to get additional interest regarding our successful convention/rendezvous. Secretary/Treasurer Oleyar reported on the numbers and it looks like it gives us something great to build on. I have already been contacted by some of our sponsors from this year who definitely want to participate in next years event. We also have had interest from people who did not make this year that heard through the grapevine what kind of an event they missed. This is great for the association as it only helps us continue to build and make things better for the recreation opportunities as well as wildlife management in the State of Colorado. Success breeds success and it closes the door on negativity.

This is obvious by the hurdles that have been crossed and the direction that we as an association are going. Last week our Rendezvous committee which consists of Joey, Kevin and Kandy Hermann along with myself and Southeast Director Ethan Gates and my wife Karen met in Leadville for a Dinner/Meeting to start to line out next years convention/rendezvous in New Castle. We addressed many of the necessary items and will continue to work on this as the bar has been set by this years event.

Furthermore, today I just received the 2012-2013 Furbearer Management Report which was just finalized by Jerry Apker with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife. For those of you who don’t remember, Jerry is the CPW Furbearer Management Specialist that our association recognized as the Wildlife Professional of the Year last year. He has been very instrumental in working through the petition and stakeholder processes regarding the management report that President Latham and I spent so much time working on over the last 3 years. The report is very comprehensive and it is done in a very formidable manner while trying to review the management priorities, data collection processes, and management approaches for furbearer species in a consultative process with interested stakeholders. It primarily focused on Gray Fox, Swift Fox, Pine marten and Bobcats and used the Harvest Information Program to further the survey samples that we have been asking you to participate in if contacted. I for one am very happy with these results as it indicates not only a willingness but an actual interest in gathering and using information that not only justifies the need for recreational harvest but also creates a venue where pertinent information can be used for wildlife management and continuing the traditions and heritage of fur harvesting in the state.

Additionally, we have been asked to participate in a Gray Fox study that piggybacks a Gray Fox study in Missouri and several people have been chosen to supply samples which have volunteered to do so. This primarily has to do with genetic research and DNA regarding a petition that was filed to list the Prairie Gray Fox subspecies under the Endangered Species Act. I will try to keep you posted.

As you can tell we have been quite busy. On another note, everybody needs to pay special attention to what products they use and what companies they support as there is always a wolf in sheep’s clothing. A prime example is a non-profit organization called Global Animal Partnership. Look it up for yourself. They claim to be an animal welfare organization that partners with agricultural producers to provide healthy, green, humanly treated product to the general public. Their website indicates they have almost 2300 hundred producers totaling over 140 million animals a year. They have specific requirements as to not only how the animals are managed but how the land is managed as well. They are 100% against trapping and most hunting. They don’t even allow rodent control programs on the partners properties. Cage traps are even highly restricted or prohibited. They have close ties with Whole Foods and without going into further detail which you can address for yourself everyone needs to be aware of, who they deal with and what their agenda’s are because directly or indirectly it effects all of us.

Sorry to get political but we need to keep guard on the back door as well. Our business is doing great and we have many contracts that we continue to work on. Hope this finds you all well and remember it is only 10 Months to convention with the Stock Show and Fur Auction just around the corner. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and keep your powder dry and sell your furs high. — Dan Gates



There isn’t much going on association-wise, as members are tending to their traplines. But I would like to welcome our new members who have joined in the past few months:

The Dave Accashian Family, Pine; Butch Anderson, Canon City; Alex Crawford and Rob Crawford, Silt; Gary Cromp, Lompoc, CA; Jeff Dunnier, Marshall, TX; Mark George, Colorado Springs; Larry Holjencin, Canon City; Vicki Jackson, Crowley; Robert Jacobs, Rifle; Jon King, Colorado Springs; Jon Krick, New Castle; Bryan Leck, Canon City; David McCarty, Colorado Springs; Howard Potter, Denver; Mike Ray, Pagosa Springs; Wayne Reed, Silverton, TX; Michael Siebels, Parker; Frank Sumpter, Kim; Mitchell Simpson, Silverton, TX; Jana Trujillo, Montrose; Dan Wadas, Thedford, NE; the John Walker Family, Basalt; Buz Wheeler, Monument; and Shane Wildeman, Divide.

Thanks to those who returned the Rendezvous questionnaires! Your input will be forwarded on to the Board of Directors and taken into consideration when the next Rendezvous is being planned.

Our next scheduled events are:

January 9-26 – Booth at the Denver Western Stock Show

February 2 – Membership meeting, Lincoln Co. Fairgrounds, Hugo

February 5-6 – Fur Sale at Lincoln Co. Fairgrounds, Hugo

August 29- September 1 – Rendezvous near New Castle

August 31 – Annual Meeting at Rendezvous site

More information will be posted on the website as these events draw near.

During this holiday season let us remember with gratitude how blessed we are. Merry Christmas! — Cheryl Oleyar



Another fur season is upon us and fur prices seem to holding on. We are looking forward to the fur auction in 2014. Last years auction went very well with prices on some fur very strong and other fur holding the same prices as the previous year. The sale days this year will be Wed. February 5th and Thurs. February 6th 2014. The sale on the 5th will begin at 9:00 a.m. with antlers. Tanned goods will begin at 1:00 p.m. All raw fur will sell the 6th starting at 8:00 a.m. We are keeping the sale the same for the most part, except for the time changes. Check for the ad in the trapper for more information, or as always feel free to contact me at 719-743-2552 Bill Curns 719-749-2151 Todd Fairchild 970-856-1065. Hope to see everyone there. — Greg Ashmore

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