Colorado Trappers Association January 2015 Report

President — Dan Gates, PO Box 128, Canon City, CO 81215; 719-275-4077;

Vice President — Joe Herrman, 250 CR 127 #19, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601; 970-309-0865;

Secretary/Treasurer — Cheryl Oleyar, 1362 Hillcrest Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80909; 719-471-0739;

Fur Auction Manager — Greg Ashmore, 38967 County Road 24, Hugo, CO 80821; 719-743-2552;

Raffle Manager — Dan Schirer. 531 County Road 326, Silt, CO 81652; 970-618-1366;

Historian — Dick Hane, 1971 Frontage Road, Fruita, CO 81521; 970-683-1402;

NTA Representative — Dan Gates, PO Box 128, Canon City, CO 81215; 719-275-4077;

Membership Options:

Membership dues including subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller – $30

Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

CTA Secretary/Treasurer

Cheryl Oleyar

1362 Hillcrest Ave

Colorado Springs, CO 80909


Happy 2015,

Hope you all had a great Holiday Season and that Santa Clause brought you all the Elf Gland Lure and Reindeer Urine to fill your stockings. You should be deep in your Fur season at least for those of you who harvest fur.

The December Commission Meeting had several things on the list to discuss but sense those meetings are after the due date for this column we are always kind of a month or so behind.

At the November Meeting they shot down the Citizens Petition for the Lead Ammo Ban but rest assured, issues like this might be swept up under the carpet but they are never totally going to go away.

The Maine Bear Ban was shot down in the November Election but the Humane Society has vowed to continue dredging forward even though the Maine voters voted against it. Mark Uhdall is out and Cory Gardner is in and while the Governors race was close we still have the same ideas to contend with at the Capital. Either way, it’s not all bad but not all good either.

I mentioned in the last report that we where having difficulty finding a convention/rendezvous location in the Northeast area. We still have not been successful and the dates and shooting events have closed some doors of opportunity. We need some suggestions and some input and a location. If we don’t get any of the above then it must not matter much. If you know of a potential spot contact one of the board members, Vice President Herrman or myself so we can get the ball rolling. This is your organization and it is up to you to help pull this off.

On another note the Stock Show is starting very soon and then the Fur Auction will follow shortly thereafter, contact Greg Ashmore the Fur Auction Manager if you have any questions regarding the Auction.

Kandy Herrman is working on another FBU Banquet in May in Grand Junction and could use volunteers as well. Keep in mind that we pulled last years banquet off (our first one) and made it the best in the country. The Association even got an award for Kandy’s giant effort. This is the sort of stuff that is needed to take this association to the next level. Maybe we can’t overturn Amendment 14 but we can’t be relevant if we just sit on our trap basket and wait for the next guy to do something.

Don’t catch your fingers and stretch your furs straight. — Dan Gates


Another fur season is underway and I hope everyone is having a good one so far. By the time everyone reads this, the Colorado fur auction will only be a month away. It’s never to early to start thinking about where to sell furs. This years auction is set for Wednesday February 11 and Thursday February 12 2015. Furs need to be in Hugo Colo. at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds on Feb. 7&8. Hopefully fur prices will go on an upswing before the sale gets here. If anyone has any questions feel free to give me a call at 719-760-0539 or 719-743-2552 or look for the ad in this trapper about the auction. Hope to see you there in Feb. — Greg Ashmore

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