Colorado Trappers Association November 2011 Report

President — Otis Latham, P.O. Box 61, Mesa, CO 81643; phone: 970-268-5554; e-mail:

Vice President — Penny Hardrick, 652 Aldrea Vista Court, Palisade, CO 81526; phone: 970-464-5059

Secretary/Treasurer — Cheryl Oleyar, 1362 Hillcrest Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80909; phone: 719-471-0739; e-mail:

Fur Auction Manager — Greg Ashmore, 38967 Country Road 24, Hugo, CO 80821; phone: 719-743-2552; e-mail:

Public Relations Director — Opal Watts, PO Box 29, Dumont, CO 80436; phone: 303-569-2953

NTA Representative — Otis Latham, PO Box 61, Mesa, CO 81645; phone: 970-268-5554;

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Membership dues including subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller – $25

Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

CTA Secretary/Treasurer
Cheryl Oleyar
1362 Hillcrest Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
My sorrow goes out to Dennis Heck and family in Caldwell, ID. On Monday Sept. 26th, an animal rights group took responsibility for setting a fire at Rocky Mountain Fireworks and Fur Company. As some of you may know, Dennis has supported our fur auction in the past and it is just sad that something like this had to happen. Let’s just hope that justice is served in this case. And let this be a reminder to everyone that the animal rights groups are still as active as ever. So be vigilant.
Don Clifford and crew did a wonderful job putting on the rendezvous this year in Fort Morgan. We had a great attendence, and everyone had a good time. Of course there are always problems, but I think we survived them all. Thanks to all who helped putting on the “big show”. And all the vendors who showed up to sale there wares. I’m sure Cheryl will give a update on total numbers. We did have elections this year, and Dan Gates is our new Vice President, Alan Nall is the new N.E. Director and Don Gutierrez is the new S.E. Director. To Spencer Bridges who asked to retire this year. thank you my friend for your many years of service to the C.T.A. Your service did not go unnoticed, we greatly appreciated what time you did give to the association. The awards this year were as follows. Trapper of Year-Don Gutierrez Junior Trapper of the Year- Ethan Gonzales Workhorse of the Year- Otis Latham Wildlife Professional of the Year- Claude Oleyar. Also the results of the raffle are 1st Erin Lau $500 cash 2nd Todd fairchild Guided 2 day turkey hunt 3rd Karen Nelson $250 cash 4th Aaron Hamilton-Clifford Creations Fur Teddybear 5th Bruce Bartow $100 cash. Thanks to all who participated in the Raffle.
Myself and Dan Gates attended a meeting with John Broderick and Jerry Apker of the CDP&W. They are terrestrial staff who are working on the Furbearer Monitoring Process. We discussed many factors and ideas, and will submit our final opinions on the first part of this process in the next week or so. Myself, Dan Gates, Opal Watts , Claude Oleyar also attended the CDP&W Commission meeting in Colorado Springs on Sept.15. Opal would be able to bring you all up to date on any new progression on the merger. The mountain lion petition for the use of electronic calls did proceed to the three step process. And was able to have a short discussion with Director Cables at the meeting as well.
Hunting season is upon most of us already. I’m off with my wife to hunt pronghorn as soon as this report is finished. Good luck to you all in your hunting endeavors this fall. Be safe, shoot straight.

— Otis Latham

President Otis Latham called the September 4, 2011, CTA Annual Meeting to order at 10:15 a.m., at the Rendezvous site at Muir Springs near Fort Morgan, CO. The secretary and a quorum were present. President Latham led the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.
The minutes of the September 5, 2010, Annual Meeting were approved as corrected. The minutes of the February 6, 2011, Winter Membership Meeting were approved as distributed.
The Treasurer’s report was read and filed for audit.
President Latham reported that the Colorado Division of Wildlife (now Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife), WildEarth Guardians and the CTA agreed to establish guidelines on how certain furbearers would be managed and to implement a monitoring system of furbearers in the state. He attended the NTA Western Leadership Conference and the NTA National Convention, at which the CTA was represented by several other members. Colorado has lost a few NTA members, so if you have let your membership expire, please renew to strengthen trappers’ rights.
Secretary-Treasurer Oleyar reported the current membership is 218, an increase of 15 members as compared to last August. Attendance at the Rendezvous was approximately 120, about 100 tickets were sold for the BBQ dinner, and the auction Saturday evening brought in approximately $2,493.
NW Regional Director Jim Hooks said the 2012 Rendezvous will be somewhere in the NW Region; site selection is delegated to the Vice-President and Regional Director.
SW Regional Director Kevin Herrman stated he and Joe Herrman represented the CTA at the Colorado Bowhunters Jamboree, the Glenwood Springs Elementary School Mountain Men Rendezvous, and Palisade Heritage Days.
NE Regional Director Don Clifford made the Rendezvous arrangements and set up the site with the help of Ed Kovanda. Don is still trying to get another booth at the Western Stock Show. Three scholarships were awarded this year; the recipients are: Caliay Pratt, Patrick Jackson and Shelby Miller. $250 was donated to the Miss Rodeo of America fur coat fund.
Marv Miller moved that a thank you letter and donation be sent to the Morgan Game & Fish Conservation Club for the use of their facilities. The motion was adopted.
SE Regional Director Spencer Bridges reported that the National Predator Hunters Association will be having their national convention in Rocky Ford, October 21-22.
Metro Regional Director Gary Crawford said Cassidy Cabot, the new Miss Rodeo of Colorado, has ordered a coyote coat.
Wildlife Commission Liaison Opal Watts reported on the recent merger of the State Divisions of Parks and Wildlife. Be sure to attend the Parks and Wildlife Commission meeting when it is held in your area.
The Fur Auction Manager’s report was presented by Bill Curns. More help is needed at the fur auction, especially on the last day, with check-out and clean-up. Ryan Clifford’s work on the computer was invaluable.
Raffle Manager Mary Gutierrez stated 500 tickets were printed and about $1,000 in raffle ticket sales has come in. Quarterly reports have been filed with the Secretary of State.

Donations of raffle prizes for next year will be accepted. NRA Whittington Center scholarship recipient Teague Crosby gave a report of his time at the camp and thanked the CTA for the scholarship.
Historian Marv Miller said he is taking pictures and labeling old ones. He will get some of the pictures to Stephen Barrington to put on the website.
Face Book Committee Chairman Kacy Townsend related that the CTA has 50 “friends”, the page includes a link to the NTA, and membership to the CTA is encouraged.
Officers elected were: Vice-President – Dan Gates, Secretary – Cheryl Oleyar; NE Regional Director – Alan Nall; SW Regional Director – Kevin Herrman.
The Revised Bylaws were adopted by a two-thirds vote. CTA membership dues will remain unchanged.
SE Regional Director Spencer Bridges submitted his resignation. Without objection, Don Gutierrez was appointed to replace Bridges.
After discussion and amendments, it was moved and seconded that the CTA make a donation to the NTA and to the FBU annually, the funds to be taken from the Fur Auction account, and the donations to be reviewed every three years.
The meeting adjourned at 12:15 p.m.

— Cheryl Oleyar

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