Colorado Trappers Association November 2012 Report

President — Otis Latham, P.O. Box 61, Mesa, CO 81643; 970-268-5554;

Vice President — Dan Gates, P.O. Box 128, Canon City, CO 81215; 719-275-4077

Secretary/Treasurer — Cheryl Oleyar, 1362 Hillcrest Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80909; 719-471-0739;

Fur Auction Manager — Greg Ashmore, 38967 Country Road 24, Hugo, CO 80821; 719-743-2552;

Public Relations Director — Opal Watts, PO Box 29, Dumont, CO 80436; 303-569-2953

NTA Representative — Otis Latham, PO Box 61, Mesa, CO 81645; 970-268-5554;

Historian — Marvin D. Miller, Historian, 29156 Summit Ranch Drive, Golden, CO 80401


Membership Options:

Membership dues including subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller – $30


Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

CTA Secretary/Treasurer

Cheryl Oleyar

1362 Hillcrest Ave

Colorado Springs, CO 80909



This whole summer has flown by, and here we are with hunting seasons and trapping season sneaking up on us. Once again I will fall into the category of having nothing ready prior to any seasons. Another year of flying by the seat of my pants.

Another Rendezvous has come and gone. And Dan and Jim did a great job putting it all together. Special “thanks” goes to Dan for his hard work promoting,and making sure that it all came together without a hitch. Thanks to all the people who gave demos, although I was unable to attend all of them, it looked as though people sure participated in them. Even the little “Gopher Show-Off” who stunned the audience with his gopher trapping knowledge. The Raffle was drawn on Sunday evening and the winners are as follows. 1st $500 Cash Kim Duerr 2nd $250 Cash Bill Macek 3rd $200 Cash Kandy Herrman 4th BBQ Grill Roy Bradley 5th Cliffords Fur Creation Bear Edward Mahler 6th $100 Cash Jim Hooks. Thanks for everyone selling/buying tickets as it sure goes along ways in helping the CTA. We also gave away the yearly awards, the recipents of those awards are, Trapper of the Year: Otis Latham , Jr Trapper of the Year: Carsyn Knotts,(All young men must fear this girl, she is the real deal fellas) Workhorse of the Year: Dan Gates Wildlife Professional of the Year: Jerry Apker Terrestrail Biologist for CDPW. Again, thank you to all who helped or showed up to make this thing work out.

Our focus will now be on the Western Stock Show and the Fur Auction. As always we will be looking for any help you can offer. Contact Don Clifford for the Stock Show if you think you could lend a hand. Or Greg Ashmore for helping with the Fur Auction. Myself and VP Dan Gates will try to finalize some loose ends we have with the furbearer issue later this fall, and hopefully have everything in place by post fur harvest.

Hope you all have successful hunting/trapping seasons. If you have any questions, feel free to contact myself, Dan Gates or Cheyrl Oleyar with any questions. The Regional Directors will field those questions as well. — Otis Latham



Annual Meeting Minutes, September 2, 2012

President Otis Latham called the September 2, 2012, Annual Meeting to order at 10:10 a.m., at the Rendezvous site at the top of Cottonwood Pass near Granby, CO. The secretary and a quorum were present. The President led the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America.

The motion was made and adopted by a two-thirds vote that discussion be limited to three minutes per person in order to keep the meeting from being too long.

The minutes of the February 5, 2012, Membership Meeting were approved as read. The treasurer’s report was read and filed. The secretary reported the CTA has lost 35 members over the past year. Discussion followed as to how membership can be increased. Jim Hooks volunteered to donate a gun to the person who recruits the most members.

President Latham reported that the furbearer management plan has been finalized, but the survey is still being hashed out. He encouraged members to keep a furbearer harvest log so that your info on a Colorado Parks & Wildlife questionnaire at the end of the season will be accurate. He was elected Southwest Regional Director at the 2012 NTA National Convention.

Vice President Gates encouraged members to fill out the CTA member survey. In May he and his wife Karen sent an e-newsletter to members who had submitted an email address. They plan to do this on a quarterly basis. Members expressed their appreciation to President Latham and Vice President Gates for all they had done in making arrangements for the Rendezvous and raising funds for the association. Gates said he will announce the 2013 Rendezvous location by the end of the month.

Bill Curns presented the Fur Auction report in Director Greg Ashmore’s absence. This year’s auction profit was $11,385.34. The 2013 auction will take place on Wednesday and Thursday, February 13 and 14, to give buyers time on Friday to travel to the next auction. Expenses will be lower because one less day will be involved and most supplies have been purchased.

National Western Stock Show Booth Director Don Clifford said the booth will be larger for the 2013 Stock Show, which will run from January 12 to 27 in Denver. The Miss Rodeo Colorado jacket is being made, and $250 was donated to the NTA for the Miss Rodeo America fur coat fund. Three Bill Rogers Memorial Wildlife Scholarships of $1,000 each were awarded.

Raffle Director Mary Gutierrez reported 4,000 raffle tickets had been printed and distributed. She will print more tickets for the 2013 raffle, which will be sold for $2 each or $10 for a 6-ticket booklet. The top prize will be a rifle.

Wildlife Commission Liaison Opal Watts said Otis Latham and Dan Gates have been a tremendous help at the Wildlife Commission meetings. The CPW seems more willing to work with us. Members should call an Area Manager if they encounter any problems.

Metro Director Gary Crawford had the honor of escorting a rodeo queen contestant at an event. The fur coat awarded to the Miss Rodeo Colorado is always greatly appreciated and provides advertising for our association.

Northwest Director Jim Hooks was applauded for all his work in arranging for and setting up the Rendezvous site.

Southwest Director Kevin Herrman reported that he and others in his family represented the CTA in April at Palisade Heritage Days, in May at the Glenwood Elementary School Mountain Men Rendezvous, and in July at the Colorado Bowhunters’ Jamboree at the Ted Nugent Camp.

Northeast Director Alan Nall was absent. Don Clifford said he put on a couple programs at the Fort Morgan school’s Outdoor Day.

Southeast Director Don Gutierrez has been encouraging people to use the CTA, especially those involved with 4-H.

For new business, President Latham read Article II of the bylaws: “The CTA, …, is an organization of trappers and individuals interested in trapping and dedicated to the following principles:” Then he pointed out the fourth principle, which reads, “The assisting of the Colorado Division of Wildlife in the management of Colorado fur bearers.” In order to build rapport with Colorado Parks and Wildlife (formerly the DOW), the President suggested the CTA donate some money toward a CPW furbearer project. The motion was made and adopted that the CTA earmark up to $2000 from the Fur Auction fund for a one-time furbearer project the Board will approve.

After discussion concerning whether the CTA should pay for an auctioneer for the Rendezvous auction, the motion was made and seconded that a vote be taken to see if CTA members are willing to use CTA funds to pay for an auctioneer. The resulting vote showed the majority of members were against using funds for an auctioneer.

Elections followed: President Latham, Northwest Director Jim Hooks and Metro Director Gary Crawford were all re-elected by unanimous acclamation. For Southeast Director, Ben Gutierrez and Ethan Gates were nominated. Tellers’ committee chairman Jim Hooks announced after the balloting that Ben had received 10 votes and Ethan 23 votes. President Latham declared Ethan Gates elected the Southeast Director. Don Clifford moved, and the motion was adopted, that the ballots be destroyed after the meeting adjourned.

Bruce Bartow moved that dues remain the same ($30 per year with The Trapper, $25 per year without the magazine). The motion was adopted.

President Latham announced the following appointments:

Fur Auction Committee – Greg Ashmore, Todd Fairchild, Bill Curns and Chris Harper

Stock Show Booth Committee – Don Clifford, Bruce Bartow and Jim Hooks

Wildlife Commission Liaison and Public Relations – Opal Watts

Raffle Director – Mary Gutierrez

Historian – Marv Miller

Finance Committee – Kandy Herrman, Bruce Bartow and Dan Gates

The meeting adjourned at 12:25 p.m. — Cheryl Oleyar



Dear Colorado Trappers Association,

Thank you for sending me to the Whittington Center Adventure Camp. I had a wonderful time and an experience I will never forget. The instructors were top of the class and the kids were pretty good kids. I shot some guns that I have never dreamed of shooting. For example I shot a .50 BMG, a Thompson Center Contender, and shot a really nice Mossberg Shotgun. I got to do something that made my summer worth while.

Thank you again,

Nick Duvall

Haxtun, CO


Note to readers: The CTA raffle fund provides full scholarships to one or two young people per summer to attend the NRA Whittington Center near Raton, NM. This is one of the finest, most complete shooting facilities in the country. For Whittington Center scholarship information write to: Mary Gutierrez, CTA Raffle Director, 37458 Country Road 177.9, Kim, CO 81049.

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