”Coon Man’ Finds Way to Get Through Tough Times

Glemie Dean Beasley, a 69-year-old retired truck driver, supplements his income by selling raccoon meat and fur he gets in Detroit.

Beasley is certainly an interesting character:

The story of Glemie Dean Beasley plays like a country song. The son of a
sharecropper, Beasley left school at 13 to pick cotton. He came to
Detroit in 1958. His woman left him in 1970 for a man he calls Slick

Someone stole his pickup truck and then someone killed his best dog.

knowed some hard times,” Beasley says. “But a man’s got to know how to
get hisself through them hard times. Part of that is eating right.”

There’s also a video of Beasley preparing some ‘coon on the article page.

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