Cortland County Trappers of New York February 2013 Report

President — Bill Howe; 607-756-6763

Vice President — John Slocum; 607-849-6681

Secretary/Treasurer — Art Manz; 607-863-4534;

Newsletter Editor — Les Wedge; 607-749-3292;


Membership Options:

• Individual membership without T&PC — $20

• Individual membership with subscription to T&PC — $32


Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

Cortland Country Trappers of New York

Secretary Art Manz, Box 14, Cincinnatus, NY 13040



Meeting was called to order at 5:00pm, Dec 16, 2012. 50/50 was won by Hugh McDonald again and the trap donated by Howe Trapping Supply was won by Cindy Bossard.

Motion made and carried that we give our support to Ray Nolan in his effort to get NYSTA to update their website to increase the info and news that the site supplies to us. Les will notify Ray.

Discussion on Pompey Fur auction indicated that most were satisfied with the results. Prices were decent and turnout was decent. 13 buyers were present.

No corrections made to the minutes.

Treasurer’s report was accepted as read.

Butch Jenks discussed the videos on hand and would like to get our stuff recorded on DVD. He will look into price. He noted that Lee Stockton is not feeling too well at this time. We wish him well.

Les Wedge noted that Jan 26 there will be a Trapper Training Course held at McGraw. The DEC still needs Beaver carcasses.

Lots of discussion on Bobcats, the cost of Nuisance Permit Business, Texas Muskrat trapping and the crafty Coyote, all interesting stuff.

Al Martak reminded all of the upcoming Trapper Course in Newfield.

Gary Davis discussed the Deerhide drive by the Cortland County Federation, It is doing pretty well.

John Slocum reported that Mark Slocum has pictures on his trail camera of lots of Fisher. Suggested that Mark give the info to the DEC so they can track the times and locations of the Fisher.

Elections: After a battle lasting minutes the Secretary was directed to cast one vote for the current Officers to continue in their positions for the year 2013.

John Slocum will bring the food for Jan.

Les Wedge will do a demo.

Hugh McDonald did a demo of a mink set made with available stones. Lots of success with it. Even caught a Beaver with it.

Hugh has also brought the food for tonight, so let’s get at it. Thanks Hugh.

Happy New Year all. Meeting adjourned at 6:00pm. — Art Manz

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