Cortland County Trappers of New York June-July 2012 Report

President — Bill Howe; 607-756-6763

Vice President — John Slocum; 607-849-6681

Secretary/Treasurer — Art Manz; 607-863-4534;

Newsletter Editor — Les Wedge; 607-749-3292;


Membership Options:

• Individual membership without Trapper & Predator Caller — $20

• Individual membership with subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $32


Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

Cortland Country Trappers of New York

Secretary Art Manz

Box 14

Cincinnatus, NY 13040




The meting was called to order by President Howe at 5:15pm, April 15, 2012. Dick Firshing won the 50/50 raffle started at the Maple Festival, and Butch Jenks won the lures donated by John Hahn.

Bill gave detailed report on the Maple Festival. Very successful weekend and all contributors were thanked. Club went over fur inventory to decide what we need and what we have. We need to find a good tail guy, they go over real well. Harvey’s Honey sticks and bears also go real well, thanks Harvey. We have plenty of gun raffle tickets to sell. Get your supply from Bill. Bill discussed new hunting blind that he is offering for a special introductory sale price. Brochures are available.

Treasurer’s report was accepted as given.

Minutes were accepted with a correction to the spelling of Al Martak.

Round table: Les Wedge has received one application for our scholarship but it is early. Secretary will send letter to NYSTA to make sure they know Les is the Cortland County Rep to the State Organization.

Butch and Dale have been stocking fish for Chenango County and the DEC. Butch noted that Shirley Howe had a little mishap and it looks like the Beaver won with a sneak stump ambush.

Al Martak discussed the possibility of him going to the Trappers College. Motion made by Les Wedge 2nd by John Slocum that if Al can go the Association will support him with financial assistance.

Dick Firshing thanked John Slocum for his management of the Maple Festival event. Club gave John a round of appreciative applause.

John Slocum discussed roof on trapper shack. Needs replacing. Discussed furs for next year and other Maple Festival stuff.

Al Martak will do a demo next month and our newest member Dan McDonald will bring the food. Welcome aboard Dan.

John Slocum did a demo on setting killer body gripping traps with a piece of rope. I think he modified a standard clothes line but I’m not positive.

Meeting adjourned at 6:15pm. The mob retired to the crock pot and finished off the last of John’s Beaver left from the Maple Festival. Super stuff, thanks John. Shirley filled the edges with some hot dogs. No one leaves hungry.

Respectfully submitted. — Art Manz



The President called the meeting to order at 5:15pm, March 18, 2012.

Mark Slocum won the 50/50 and Shirley Howe won the lures donated by John Hahn.

Bill has the Honey Sticks for the Maple Festival and once again Harvey G has donated some of his honey products to the Club to sell. Motion was made and carried unanimously that the Club extend Harvey’s membership thru 2013 in appreciation of his support of the Rendezvous and the Maple Festival. Thanks Harvey.

Discussion on the tax exempt status once again. Ray went over the issue and hopefully we will figure out how to use the exemption to our advantage. We will see.

Treasurer’s report was accepted as read. No corrections were made to the minutes. Art noted that our minutes are now available in the Trapper & Predator Caller Magazine.

Round Table: Shirley Howe discussed the food for the Maple Festival. Who, what and how much were all taken care of? Art thinks the Club should pick up the tab, but who cares what Art thinks.

Ray Nolan discussed goings on from NYSTA. He would like to see everyone cooperate with the DEC in their Muskrat survey project. Ray noted that some by-law changes are coming from NYSTA. He also reminded all that the antis are still working hard against us, keep it in mind. Discussion on the vacant position of County Rep prompted Les Wedge to volunteer for the job. The Association agreed that Les would be a great County Rep and we thank him for stepping up for us.

In a discussion on cable restraints, Les noted that there could be a test of their use in the northern zone.

Al Martek discussed new trapper training course material and computer usage in upcoming April 14 course. Butch Jenks and Al discussed new bow and gun hunter safety course which will be combined into one course. Pass or Fail one and you fail both.

Dale Beckwith asked does anyone know what happened to the book being worked on with “Trapper’s Favorite Sets.”

Dick Firshing discussed the fact that region 4O will have antler restrictions this year. He also commented on the new bow gun course and the fact that they will use junior instructors to help out.

John Slocum cleaned up all the remaining details for the Maple Festival. Prices to charge for furs, who has what mounts to display, who is coming to work, when to set up and when to take down tarps and stuff.

President thanked Ray for coming. We appreciate being kept in the loop.

The crock pots are going again thanks to Dale and Butch.

Motion to adjourn carried at 6:15PM.

Respectfully submitted. — Art Manz

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