Cortland County Trappers of New York June-July 2013 Report

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Secretary/Treasurer — Art Manz; 607-863-4534;

Newsletter Editor — Les Wedge; 607-749-3292;


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Cortland County Trappers Association

March 2013 Meeting Minutes

The Meeting was called to order at 5.05 p.m. on March 17 by President Howe. I was asked to fill in for Art Manz, who was ill. Lance Smith won the 50/50 while Hugh McDonald won the 110 donated by Howe Trapping Supplies.

No Treasurer report was given due to Art’s absence.

There was a long discussion on the proposed hunting/trapping/fishing license structure proposed by Governor Cuomo. Elements of this discussion included: a major reduction in non-resident trapping fee, loss of a separate trapping license, fear that people who haven’t completed the trapper certification course would get trapping licenses, a general lack of pre-public meeting notice by DEC, involvement by NYSTA President Rockwood and Executive Director Miller in negotiations to retain a separate trapping license and suitable non-resident fee. The public meeting held in Cortland by DEC was well attended by CCTA members (9 out of a total of 14) due to a heads-up by Ray Nolan, NYSTA Region 7S director to les Wedge who notified Association members.

The incredible prices at the NAFA February auction were discussed. One member (Russ Bossard) had a ‘coon in the top lot ($240).

Les Wedge reported on taking a newspaper reporter and photographer out beaver trapping. The resulting article and video in the Post Standard and its website ( were very positive.

He also reported that Travis Pettit, last year’s scholarship winner had fulfilled all the requirements to receive the award.

NYSTA Region 7S Director Ray Nolan discussed the proposed expansion of bobcat hunting and trapping in NY, the NYSTA web page, the NYSTA alert system run by Angie Berchielli and that he felt that the coyote hunting season is too long since the fur is of little value in late winter. He stated that some of the coyotes are left in the woods, potentially giving hunters and trappers a bad reputation.

Dick Firsching is building weasel boxes and bluebird houses for sale (look in the newsletter). He reported that he and his trapping partner caught and released the same fisher in the same set two consecutive days in Chenango County. DEC was notified. He also reported that the Susquehanna River between Afton and the PA line has very few ‘rats.

Ed Eaton reported that he’s been trapping for 50 years and this is the best one yet. He also reported seeing four different sets of fisher tracks the previous day and that he caught and released a bobcat this winter and had photos to prove it. DEC was notified.

Greg Schmidt brought in a tanned badger hide he acquired in S. Dakota.

Planning details were completed for the Association’s exhibit at the Maple Festival in Marathon.

Les Wedge reported on speaking to sixth graders in the Marathon school about trapping. Mounted furbearers, tanned pelts, traps and stretchers were displayed. The role of trapping in conservation was discussed.

Les read the list of proposed legislation affecting trapping in NY. Hugh McDonald reported reading in the Trapper and Predator caller newsletter about trapping legislation for three states.

The Association voted to support Ray Nolan to remain as NYSTA Region 7S Director, a vacancy he’s currently filling. Les Wedge will send a letter to NYSTA to that effect.

Hugh McDonald brought in a bunch of ancient traps for the group to play with. It took a while to figure some of them out.

There will be no demo next month as we will be discussing how the Maple Festival exhibit fared. John Slocum had dinner ready. He’ll have it next month as well.

— Respectfully submitted for Art Manz by Les Wedge



The meeting was called to order at 5:00pm, April 21, 2013, by President Bill Howe. The 50/50 from the Maple Festival was won by Scott Bush. A check will be sent to Scott. Bill thanked all for their work at the Maple Festival which was a huge success. Receipts were turned over to the Treasurer. Availability of furs to sell was discussed again. Club thanked Harvey Gardenier for his donation of the honey bears for us to sell at the Festival. Honey sticks went over real well again this year.

Treasurer’s report was accepted as read. Art thanked Les Wedge for filling in last month.

John Slocum thanked all for making the Festival a success. Rick Pickert gave John a box load of old trapping stuff for the Club to do with whatever it sees fit. Lots of old publications and stuff. John noted that we had better be supporting Sen. Seward and Hanna during this assault on our rights coming from Albany and Washington D.C. John noted that our biggest ally right now appears to be the NRA. Are you a member?

Our Director Ray Nolan reported on the Board meeting of NYSTA. NTA giving scholarship applications out. NYSTA 75th anniversary convention is coming up. Ray noted that Dave Miller has a good relationship with our Reps in Albany. Cable restraint bill still alive and picking up more co-sponsors as it moves along. Ray discussed Turtle Trapping issues. DEC still tracking Fisher and Bobcat. Trail cameras set out by DEC getting plenty of Fischer pictures. NYSTA web site being worked on. If you have an idea about the site let Ray know. NTA annual meeting in 2015 will be in Erie sponsored by NYSTA.

Food for May will be by Chef McDonald.

Demo for April and May will be by Lance. This month Lance has a Muskrat trap made for the ice. Pretty neat.

Food by J Slocum is ready. Thanks John.

Meeting adjourned at 6:15.

Respectfully submitted. — Art Manz

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