Cortland County Trappers of New York October 2013 Report

President — Bill Howe; 607-756-6763

Vice President — John Slocum; 607-849-6681

Secretary/Treasurer — Art Manz; 607-863-4534;

Newsletter Editor — Les Wedge; 607-749-3292;


Membership Options:

• Individual membership without T&PC — $20

• Individual membership with subscription to T&PC — $32


Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

Cortland Country Trappers of New York

Secretary Art Manz

Box 14

Cincinnatus, NY 13040


The meeting was called to order at 5:10pm on Aug 18, 2013. 50/50 was won by none other than Les Wedge. The trap donated by Howe’s Trapping Supplies was won by Al LaFrance, Art and Bill each won a bottle of barbecue sauce donated by Al.

The President noted that there will be no Sept meeting because of our Rendezvous. Bill still has gun raffle tickets for us to sell. Rendezvous is Sept 8, 2013.

The IFH will be having two fur auctions at the Pompey Rod and Gun Club. One on Dec 21 and one on Feb 22, 2014. There will also be a Trapper training course at Pompey on Oct 12, 2013. Call Al at 315 682 2050 for info.

Long discussion on how and where to advertise the Rendezvous. Motion to put ad in Cortland Standard on the 2nd and 6th of Sept. advertising our event. Motion carried and Hugh will take care of doing this.

Treasurer’s report was accepted as given. Treasurer will let CD renew itself.

Al LaFrance noted that Wayne Jones will not be scheduling the RONDY next year. He made the suggestion that we move our Rendezvous to the Pompey Club and change the date to possibly fill the void and take advantage of not much competition for attendees. The Pompey Club agreed that we could use the facilities and shooting could be included. Lots to think about but we have time.

Les Wedge noted that the Brossard’s have relocated in Montana. Good Luck. Ray Nolan noted that the State Wildlife Plan meeting discussed the decline of snapping turtles even without info on turtle populations. Lots of talk about DEC meetings and their value. Discussion on Les’s furbearer of the month articles in the newsletter. Everyone likes the articles and thanked Les for the idea and effort he puts into it.

Dale Beckwith has made the flyers for the Rendezvous, take some and post them. Thanks Dale. There will be a trapper training course on Sept 7. Call Butch at 607 656 9606 for info.

Ed Eaton asked about the possibility of a Fisher season.

John Slocum discussed the possible difficulty with the sale of firearms between individuals. New Fed and state laws.

Bill Howe demonstrated all kinds of stabilizers for your traps. Thanks Bill. (Modification is my middle name.}

Hugh McDonald has provided the food tonight. Thanks Hugh.

Motion to adjourn carried at 6:30pm.

Respectfully submitted. — Art Manz

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