Coyotes Move in On Minnesota’s Twin Cities


Reports of coyotes in the Twin Cities are becoming more and more common.

On Monday night, WCCO-TV reported that a coyote attacked a dog in Golden
Valley, and now an 11-year-old girl has pictures to prove they are in

It was last Friday when Sophie Skallerud and her family got a rare
visitor. Her dad saw the animal first, and after Sophie grabbed her
camera she initially thought she was looking at a wolf.

“It acknowledged that I was standing there. And then I went outside and
then it kind of walked away really slowly. But it kind of stood there
for a while and looked around and then went away,” said Sophie.

But not before Sophie took some pictures. Pictures of what she and her
dad later determined to be a coyote standing on the 14th fairway at
Interlachen Country Club.

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