Coywolves — An Emerging Species?

The abundance of coyote-wolf hybrids in the wild is often discussed among trappers and predator callers. That discussion is especially interesting in the Northeast and Canada, where coyotes are generally larger and wolf populations exist.

A recent story by Carola Vyhnak in the Toronto Star takes a deeper look at the subject:

Going back 100 years, deforestation, wolf control programs and changing
habitat, ecosystems and prey conspired to drive down the wolf
population. Meanwhile, the number of coyotes – whose original range was
in western North America – grew, thanks to their ability to adapt and
reproduce with ease. The two species started to interbreed, [Trent University geneticist Bradley] White

White says that some of the coywolves grow up to 80 pounds, while the average coyote weighs about 40 pounds.

The population is growing in the Northeast and it will be interesting to see how this emerging species develops.

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