December 2009 Issue

Trapper & Predator Caller was created with a singular purpose: offer practical, comprehensive information for those who harvest fur and call predators. Each edition offers insights from experts with years of experience, offering ways to enrich trapping and calling knowledge. From beginners to veterans, Trapper & Predator Caller has something for everyone. Discover more with a subscription.

Inside This Issue

• Editor Jim Spencer keeps his chin up in “Scratching Out a Profit.” Click here to read it.

• You should drown your catch every chance you get, but make sure to keep it easy.

• The easy-to-catch furbearer can provide the perfect boost to your fur check.

• When animals don’t come to the call, they might just not be there at that time.

• In order to be ready for any situation, you should bring a rifle and a shotgun to your predator calling stand.

• Once in a while, you need a change up for pesky foxes and coyotes.

• Muskrats can provide a nice change-of-pace and could be the key to a more profitable trapline.

•  Do-it-yourself baits help during tough times.

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