Video: Coyotes Take Down Healthy 6-Point Buck

If you’re looking to gain access to some new trapping or predator hunting ground this winter, try showing the landowners in your area this video. The footage from a South Carolina trail cam shows a seemingly healthy 6-point buck being attacked by two coyotes.

Warning: The footage, though brief, is pretty graphic.


Deer predation, specifically of fawns, has been a growing problem in South Carolina, where coyote populations did not exist until the 1970s.

“(Coyotes) will eat carrion and will also prey upon deer fawns and occasionally on adult deer,” the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources says. “One study on the Savannah River Site in Aiken County revealed that coyotes were preying upon more than half the deer fawns born.”

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3 thoughts on “Video: Coyotes Take Down Healthy 6-Point Buck

  1. Striking without warning doesn’t give a chance for a deer to poise for a hoof strike. Then, with a throat attack, the blood flow to the brain and the ‘startle’ factor goes to the coyote. Add a hind quarter bite to slow flight or allow the deer to shake off the neck bite, doomed the buck. If the buck was in rut, it further blocked his ability to concentrate. (my problem usually)

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