Fatal Attack Leads to Coyote Trapping Incentive Program

Following a fatal coyote attack in October 2009 and several other reports of aggressive coyotes since then, Nova Scotia officials have announced they will give trappers $20 for every coyote the trappers kill.

Here are some additional details from the Time Colonist:

The pelt-incentive program is for licensed trappers and will add $20 to
pelts sold to fur auction houses. The program will begin on Oct. 15
with the start of trapping season.

What do you think about the program? Voice your opinion in the comments.

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12 thoughts on “Fatal Attack Leads to Coyote Trapping Incentive Program

  1. I think it is great but the Tree Kissing Bunny Huggers will have a field day. Bounties do work but it is difficult to control where the critters come from.
    Gary H.

  2. I support bounties on coyote but why wait until fur auction time,, they will have coyotoes from all over. Make payment on a fresh kill-[24 hrs] at designated animal check in stations,,would be a more realistic way to go.

  3. Bounties can work well but the payment should be made on kills made close to or within the region of conflict. Otherwise, too many coyotes will be sent in from other regions and likely ruin the program. We should be honest as trappers/callers, and I think most are, but when it comes to money from gov’t programs people aren’t- e.g. tax write-offs.

  4. Although these programs can work. I don,t think this is the best method of payment. To many hides will come from other areas. With no way to control where the hides come from. I don’t beleave this program will work.

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