FHA Auction Results: ‘We’ve Turned the Corner’

Editor’s note: Parker Dozhier wrote this before January 2010 FHA auction results were announced.

For those of us looking for a market indicator, the Fur Harvester Auction, Inc., (FHA) auction results will certainly be that. This auction will set the tone for the remainder of the season.

Be assured, it won’t be a fire-sale and some encouraging news might be coming our way. While predictions are dangerous, I expect we will see some good clearances and prices responding to the short take and the activity at the recent early Scandinavian ranch auctions. (Late Note: The FHA auction sent fur buyers in the country scrambling for muskrats on the same day as the sale.)

In a conversation with Don Rumford, with FHA, only hours after the sales, he committed, “We’ve turned the corner.”

Have we seen the bottom? My guess is that we have. There are simply too many people that want and desire fur for our markets to stay suppressed for a protracted period of time.

The next FHA auctions will take place Feb. 19 and June 2.

Click here to download a PDF of the January FHA auction results.

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