Fisher Spotted in NYC Is First Seen There in Modern Times


A fisher has been seen roaming the streets of the Bronx in recent weeks. It is the first fisher seen in New York City in modern times, according to the New York Times.

“At dawn on April 15, a city police officer, Derek Lenart, was on patrol near Bronx Community College in University Heights when when he saw an animal dart in front of him on the road and run beneath parked cars,” a New York Times blog post stated.

The officer took a picture of the weasel, and zoologist Roland Kays identified the animal in the photo. The image can be viewed on the New York Times website.

Dr. Kays blogged about the incident on the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences website.

“This fisher was probably looking for a place to hide for the day, either down a hole or up a big tree,” Dr. Kay wrote in a blog post on the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences website. “Judging from the picture, this is a male fisher, likely a dispersing animal looking for a female and a new place to settle down. If he can find a place to sleep and something to eat, he might stick around. Bronx squirrels would make good fisher prey, but things could get really interesting if fishers start hunting rats in New York.”


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