Florida Trappers & Fur Hunters Association November 2010 Report

President — Cody Sikes, 27020 Old Trilby Rd., Brooksville, FL 34602; phone: 352-398-5945; e-mail: southernlandservices01@yahoo.com

Vice President — Bill Crowder, P.O. Box 510, Madison, FL 32341; phone: 850-973-6540; e-mail: wildbillc@shareinet.net

Secretary/Treasurer — Carol Lokken, 7047 Spinnaker Blvd., Englewood, FL 34224; phone: 941-475-1206; e-mail: beachbum5253@comcast.net

NTA Director — George Dykhuizen, 8110 Casa De Meadows Dr., Englewood, FL 34224; phone: 941-697-7634; e-mail: principal1@embarqmail.com


Membership Options

• Family membership, including subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $25
• Associate membership (without magazine) — $15
• Lifetime membership (without magazine) — $100
• Lifetime membership with two year subscription — $125

Complete membership application on first page of association section, and send dues to:

Carol Lokken
7047 Spinnaker Blvd.
Englewood, FL 34224


Hello Florida trappers! It was great to see everyone at our annual Rendezvous, it seems the crowd gets bigger every year! This has been a great year for our association. We had our first trapper training camp, our membership is growing, and we had a great convention! If we can continue the growth spurt we are having, we will be heading towards 200 members very quickly. It is great to see all of the new faces, please do not be afraid to jump in with both feet and be as active as you can. It is the only way we will be able to continue this great tradition called trapping.

I hope everyone is about done getting ready for the upcoming season. By the time you start reading this, the weather should be starting to change. The meat market calls are starting to come in to me down here, and I will be getting the traps out soon. The early reports on the fur market seem to be looking up, so I hope to get some time to run a snare line for some otter and bobcats. I have some land lined up to give it a try this year. I hope to put up as much fur as I can and make a little extra off of it.

I hope that everyone else is ready for this season. I still have some finishing touches and a few more purchases to make to be completely done. To all of the new members, please don’t be afraid to ask other members in your area to ride along, or for any help you need. I hope that everyone has a safe and successful trapping season this year. Good luck and safe trapping! — Cody L Sikes


I think the Rendezvous went very well. We picked up a lot of new members. We had a lot of past members renew. There were a lot of inquiries and questions, a lot of input, and a lot of participation. A big THANK YOU to Kit Storey (one of our newer members) for his generous donation of 2 catch poles for the auction. It was a great day with a very successful auction. Good job everyone!

I am getting ready for the upcoming trapping season. It’s time to dye and wax traps and make sure everything is in order. We are having a predator problem here on Two Crow Plantation. I have found 3 dead deer. Hopefully something will show up on the trail cams we have out so we can get these predators caught soon. And Rosa finally caught the possum that was stealing the chicken eggs.

We want to wish everyone a safe and joyful holiday season.

— Bill Crowder


I’m going to deviate from my usual style and give a treasurer’s report first. Though we’ve never actually defined our “fiscal” year, we usually give a report at the Rendezvous (prior to the auction and day’s tally). So, we started our year with a bank balance of $4259.96. And our ending balance was $2090.14. It was a busy year! We donated $500.00 to the N.T.A., $500.00 to Fur Takers of America, $50.00 to Fur Bearers Unlimited, and $100.00 to the U.S. Sportmen’s Alliance. We became affiliated with the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance, The Florida Farm Bureau, and the Florida Cattlemen’s Association. We have put advertising in the Florida Hunting Regulations, Woods ‘N Waters, and FloridAgriculture.

I am thrilled to report that all the money we spent over this past year has been replaced due to a very successful Rendezvous. We took in $315.00 in new and renewing memberships. The auction brought in $1393.00. And with the sales of merchandise, our raffle and generous donations we made a grand total of $2420.00!!!! Many thanks to everyone who participated.

We want to give warm welcome to new members: Clant Clayton, Michael Trowell, Michael Page, John King, Jeff Green, Zach Kelley, Thomas Turner, and Buddy Kirkland. And welcome back to returning members Cliff Copple, John Andrek, and Tom Miranda (who joined as a Lifetime Member). This brings our total membership to 139.
Our membership incentive program is in full swing. Please sign up 5 “sustaining” new members and you will receive 2 dozen custom built snares. There is power in numbers… please help us grow.

If anyone is having problems or issues with their magazine subscription or is unclear as to expiration dates and the renewal process, please contact me.
We are still looking for someone to maintain our website. There are still some unresolved issues that need to be fixed and we need to be able to update it from time to time. Can you help us? Do you know someone who will do it for a reasonable price? Please let us know.

WE HAVE NEW HATS!! They are Real Tree Hardwoods camo in both vented (summer) and non vented (winter) styles with either a bobcat or coyote logo. The lettering on the bobcat hats is in orange and black for the coyote. When I reorder, I will be requesting all orange lettering. And we have pink camo for the ladies with a coyote. I’ll email a picture of the hats on request. Cost is $13.00 plus shipping and handling. We also have FL Trappers Assoc. license plates for $15.00, emblems for $2.00, and window decals for $3.00.
The Rendezvous was a resounding success again. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped plan and make this happen. We could not have done it without you!

I’m going to wrap this up for this issue. And I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a peaceful New Year. Stay safe, stay strong.

— Carol Lokken


SATURDAY, September 25, 2010, was a great day for the Florida Trappers Association. Fifty or so of our core trappers and new folks gathered in Mt. Dora, FL, for a full day of trapper education, training and information, as well as loads of fun, fellowship and a lot of laughs. Many tall tales were told at every break and the new guys had a great opportunity to visit with some long time trappers.

There were six scheduled presentations on various trapping topics, and a great lunch, headed up by Chef Dave Enfinger, who also did the world class auctioneering as we wrapped up the day’s activities with our annual auction. By the way, we sold every single item at the auction! A hearty thanks to all for the gear donations and support; some guys got some terrific stuff, that will no doubt be in the woods this fall. One trapper bid on and won a great Quail Hunt in Chiefland, FL, with Robert Priest guiding. Awesome.

Nearly half the attendees came in a day early and stayed a day late—lots of fun around the campfire, once we got past Friday night’s Frog Strangler. Yes, it can rain in Florida. Several tents got flooded and gave us all another good story to tell.

Many thanks to the whole crew for putting together a terrific weekend. We have a great mix of old timers, new guys and others coming in to support our traditions and heritage. As our grandparents used to say . . .”A good time was had by all!”

Looking ahead, for next year, please mark your calendar now for the last Saturday of September, up at Dave Enfinger’s farm near Chipley, FL. It will be a great weekend, as we carry on the tradition of our trapper forefathers with a Rendezvous to remember in 2011.

— John Whitfield


Since getting home from the Rendezvous, I’ve been busy building cage traps for the members who put in orders at the Rendezvous. Anyone interested in having cage traps built, please contact me at: 863-634-1510. I plan to start a coyote removal job. There is a problem with coyotes killing livestock on area ranches and I hope to help stop the loss of calves. On another note, I want to encourage our members to attend our state and national trapping conventions. The NTA National Convention is well worth attending.

— Bill Weeks


The annual NW District Spring Fling and Fish Fry will be held at my farm in Chipley sometime in late April. I will have a more details for our January newsletter. It’s a great time to get together and we will be planning the 2011 Rendezvous as well.

— David Enfinger


Fellow Florida trappers

Hope you all are doing well. We want to thank everyone who attended the trapper training seminar and those who attended the annual rendezvous. I’d like to give a special shout out to Ernie Mclaughlin and Travis Land. Both of these men caught hogs in the snares we showed them how to use. And to those of you who haven’t caught anything, or have had near-misses, don’t give up.. it takes time. In closing I want to wish everyone good trapping and happy hunting season.

— Nathanael Rogers

Nathanael and I are building custom snare for whatever animal you are pursuing. Many people showed interest in our hog snares. These are very useful for catching trap-shy hogs or just to put some pork in your freezer. All snares are dyed and loaded, ready to set. Call for more information: 1-386-776-2998.

— Darrell Rogers


The recent NTA Convention in Marshfield, WI was the largest ever with an attendance of over 5,000 trappers and friends. Prior to the activity on the fairgrounds, state Directors attended two days of meetings that gave us current information on NTA involvement. One particular item of interest involves the listing of the grey wolf as an endangered species.

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has delisted the grey wolf, but animal rights activists promptly took the matter to the federal court which, in turn, halts the delisting. In an effort to circumvent this stonewalling, NTA has joined various state lobbying groups to take the matter to respective state legislatures to get them to delist grey wolves at the state level. Time will tell whether this new approach will work.

On a separate matter, NTA legal counsel, Gary Leistico, has been in Boston for the legal appeal of the Lynx case in Maine. About a year ago, the court ruled in favor of the defendants (the good guys) in the case filed by the Animal Welfare Institute that would have stopped all trapping in the areas designated as critical habitat for the lynx in Maine. AWI appealed the ruling and now the courts will be ruling on the appeal. NTA is hopeful that the court will uphold the previous ruling.

— George Dykhuizen


Rendezvous Recap

Every year they get better and better. And as we have said each year “ You missed a good one”!

The weekend started with the arrivals of Lenny and Carol Lokken and Lee and Pat Norman at the Trimble Park campground on Thursday afternoon. In spite of overcast skies and few sprinkles, they managed to get settle in and enjoy the evening. Friday brought the arrival of Joe Everett, Alan Fullard, Bill Crowder, Rosa Hunter, Darrell, Ninan, and Nathanael Rogers, Cody, Jill, and Tyler Sikes, John Whitfield, George and Greg Dykhuizen, Gary DePalma, Dave Enfinger, Terry Maynes, and Ron Braxton, and Bill Weeks. Tents and campers were set up amongst 7 sites. And then it rained.. and it rained.. and it thundered.. and the lightening was fierce.. and it rained some more. Some stayed dry and some didn’t. But everyone woke up ready for a great Saturday and an even greater Rendezvous. Tents and sleeping bags were opened up to dry and we made our way to the Pavillion.

Coffee, donuts, and orange were set out for the early arrivals. Members and guest arrived in time to participate in the various talks and demonstrations. We were able to add a snare building and setting demonstration to our agenda. We want to thank Bill Crowder, Bo Carlton, Bill Weeks, John Whitfield, Gary DePalma, George Dykhuizen, Darrell and Nathanael Rogers. These dedicated men provided an informative and educational day.

Our cooks Mary Carlton, Dave Enfinger, and Terry Mayne prepared a feast of hamburgers, hotdogs, baked beans and all the “fixin’s” for great noontime meal. There was plenty of food and drink. And we want to thank everyone for helping.

Our afternoon started with an Open Forum. Members visited and chatted. It was a time to share information, questions, and ideas. A short business meeting preceded our “World Famous Auction”. President, Cody Sikes, brought us up to date on plans for a spring “hands on” Trapper Training session for members and their invited guests. Vice President, Bill Crowder, expressed his desire to see our numbers double and is working to that goal. Director Dave Enfinger spoke on the spring fish fry and planning meeting for next year’s Rendezvous. Secretary/Treasurer, Carol Lokken, gave us a membership count and a financial report.

And then the fun began! With Auctioneer Extraordinaire, Dave Enfinger, taking the helm, along with his helpers Ron Braxton and Terry Mayne, it was a fun and fast paced event. We sold everything from snares and traps, to boat buoys, an afghan, artwork, lures, and even a quail hunt. You had to pay attention, you might bid against yourself. The generous bids offered by our members brought in almost $1400.00. We can’t thank everyone enough. Phenomenal!!

Our final event was the drawing of the raffle winners. 1st prize (Garmin E-Trex GPS) went to Ernie McLaughlin. 2nd prize ( Real Tree AP large duffle bag) went to Bill Terry, 3rd prize ( ThermaCell insect repellant device) went to Steve MacKeller, 4th prize (Buck Trio pocket knife) went to Terry Burdette, and 5th prize (FL Trapper Assoc. hat, license plate, and window decal) went to Jill Sikes. Thank you to everyone who bought tickets.

And with the day winding down, be bid our friends and fellow trappers a fond farewell with hopes to see everyone soon. Those who planned to camp that night headed back to the camp sites. Cody had been smoking a pig all day for our supper. Pat Norman made a delicious cheesy potato casserole and a wonderful tomato cucumber salad. Carol Lokken added a simple coleslaw to the menu. So the day ended with a great meal with good friends and a crackling campfire under a starry night.

It was a successful Rendezvous in all respects. Fun, friendship, fellowship, and food. Mark your calendars for the last weekend in September 2012… Dave Enfinger’s farm in Chipley, FL. We’ll be there… hope you will be too.


We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to the members, vendors, and suppliers who contributed items for our annual fundraising auction. A special thanks to: Sterling Fur Company, Minnesota Trapline Products Inc., Duke Traps, Cumberland’s Northwest Trappers Supply Inc., and Florin’s Trapping Supplies & Fur. Everyone’s generosity is what keeps us strong. Thank you!!!!

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