Free Magazine: Predator Hunting 2012

Read the Predator Hunting 2012 magazine for free right from the comfort of your computer. This free magazine, published annually by Trapper & Predator Caller, contains tons of predator hunting information.

* Common missteps by new predator hunters.
* Run and gun backpack calling explained.
* Suit your methods to the terrain you hunt.
* Do-it-yourself video predator hunts are affordable.
* Follow the action on a Kansas predator hunt.
* How to avoid getting busted on your approach.
* Gear up with these hot predator hunting items.

Click here to read the free magazine Predator Hunting 2012 right now.

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34 thoughts on “Free Magazine: Predator Hunting 2012

  1. I am a Trapper Education instructor and I am giving a class March 31st. 2012. Each student receives a bucket with two traps, some lure and any printed material I can come up with. I plan on having 20 students in my class, Do you have 20 past/old issues of the Trapper and Predator caller I could pass on to the students? If so It would be wonderful. Thank you, Joe Velchansky
    5116 W. Briggs rd.
    Stanton Mi. 48888

  2. My boys and I have been wanting to hunt coyotes and was not sure how to start. Now with this subscription I will be able to gain some knowledge on where and how to be better informed. Thanks!

  3. i am 15 years old and have been trapping and calling for 5 years started with coons and now im picking up 5 to 7 coyotes a week and a few fox and bobcats its a very exciting thing to do . i have takin over all my dads and neighbors hunting land to trap on i straight love.its the most fun i have ever had , I live in swainsboro ga. and there is some tuff hunting around hear but when ya no what your doing its all worth it

  4. Now that I have mastered Whitetail hunting, I bagged 8 last year, I am ready to move on to the next challenge. I have been wanting to hunt Coyotes for a while but have not been able to figure them out. This free magazine may put me on the right track to bagging my first Coyote? Thanks for the magazine.

  5. 1st year trapper and I cant wait to get started! Ive been doing my homework and talking with experienced trappers trying to pick up a few tips. I will be at the south dakota trappers association banquet on sept. 15….

  6. Hi, I would like a copy of your trapping and calling magazine. Will be incorporating some trapping into our big game hunts and would like to see if subscribing may be helpful.

  7. I would love a copy of your Trapper & Predator Caller. This sounds just like what I need to get started this winter. It would also help me shell out for a subscription too. : )

  8. i would love to receive youre magazine my friend had one at his camp ive read it like 3-5 times and i alway
    enjoy reading it so thats my reason .

  9. I used to hunt years ago, and loved getting to go Varmint calling. I was wondering if there might be any dedicated magazines out there, that I can subscribe to, so I googled, and found this.if anyone out there does or has subscribed to a magazine solely on Predator calling/hunting, please send me some subscription info, even if it’s only a phone number to; ”“. Thanks guys, I’d be interested in getting involved once again. Remember, February is mating season for Coyotes, and they’ll throw caution to the wind then. Happy New Year everyone!

  10. A while back I asked if anyone in the area I live in would buy my coyote pelts still on the body . I got a call from one person from my area that said yes, but I have lost his email and phone number. If you can help answer this question for me please call 1-805-637-1477 or e-mail me at thanks. Brigham City Ut Box elder county.

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