Fur Stars on New York Fashion Week Runways

Fur Fashion

There are few things I’m less qualified to blog about than fashion, but even with my extremely limited knowledge on the subject, I can recognize some good news for trappers and predator hunters when I see it.

Fur has been extremely popular on the runways at New York Fashion Week. Since it started last week, dozens of stories have detailed fur’s prominent place in the eight-day event that features more than 80 top designers and draws media members and industry insiders from around the world.

“Between the front rows and the fall collections, fur has been exceedingly popular this Fashion Week,” a New York Magazine article detailed. “Attendees like Rumi Neeley, Bryanboy and Anna Wintour are piling into their seats with multiple pelts draped over their bodies (there was a blizzard, after all), and runways are teeming with yeti mittens, fuzzy collars and mink-trimmed everything.”

The collections at this show will not greatly affect the demand for fur themselves, but high-end fashion definitely influences worldwide fashion trends. And if the runways at the New York Fashion Week are any indication, fur should be very fashionable in the coming year. That should, in turn, help create more worldwide demand for fur, which is always good news for trappers.

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