Fur Takers of Oklahoma Inc. January 2014 Report

President — Reginald Murray; (918) 694-8190;

Vice-President — Billy (BJ) Johnson

Treasurer — Janice Johnson; (918) 650-2205;

Secretary — Jennifer Murray; (918) 367-9060


Membership Options:

• Individual membership including subscription to T&PC — $18

• Family membership with subscription to T&PC — $23

• Junior membership (under 16) with subscription to T&PC — $11

• Regular Lifetime membership with subscription to T&PC — $300

• Lifetime membership (over 70) with subscription to T&PC — $150


Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

FTOA Secretary/Treasurer

Marilyn McGovern

Rt. 5, Box 46

Idabel, OK 74745


Hello to everyone from Bristow, Oklahoma.

I would first like to say CONGRATULATIONS to each of you who have been able to harvest game this season and hope even more, that you were able to take a child with you and introduce them to the outdoor heritages. By the time you receive this newsletter, we should be into the trapping season, so we hope that everyone has been safe, has had or will have a wonderful Christmas, excellent results on their trap lines and is thinking about the upcoming fur auction and spring meeting. As for myself … I have either been too busy to go when I wanted to, or missed opportunities for harvests when they presented themselves. But I will able to take a few young men with me, and introduce them to both hunting and trapping activities. Hopefully, they can obtain their “first” deer and catch some fur bearers this season.

The Fur Takers of Oklahoma, Inc. was formed due to a large request of Trappers in the state to provide an effective family oriented organization, willing to provide proper representation and timely communications to the membership. The Fur Takers of Oklahoma, Inc. welcomes ALL fur harvesters to enjoy our events. More information about us can be found at http://oklahomatrapper.com

The Executive Officers had a meeting again earlier this evening to discuss unfinished business, plan and prepare for future business. So here are a few highlights of what have we decided so far:

• The Logo will stand “as is” until and “unless” the general membership decides they want something different.

• A quarterly newsletter is available to members in one of two forms … either by email or by U.S. Parcel Service.

• Invitation letters and emails have been submitted to fur buyers and vendors for their participation in the fur auction which will be hosted at the Okmulgee County Fairgrounds. The fur auction will be on March 8, 2014, which will allow a FULL WEEK for preparation of the last fur auction at the close of season. There is NO PO penalty for sellers, and sellers only pay a 5% sales commission to the FTO. More information can be found on the “Fur Auction” page of the website at http://oklahomatrapper.com. You can acquire seller’s #s prior to the auction by contacting Jennifer Murray, Secretary @ (918)-367-9060. If you do not “pre-register”, seller #s will be assigned on a “first come, first serve” basis the morning of the auction.

• Membership cards will be ordered and mailed out soon. The dates & locations for the Spring & Fall meetings are being discussed and we can get it pinned down by the time the auction rolls around so that we have plenty of time to notify all members of the dates and locations.

I would like to welcome and thank the following people for their assistance, and their available contact information can be found on the websites “Officers Page” at http://oklahomatrapper.com:

Executive Officers

• Reginald Murray, President

• B.J. Johnson, Vice President

• Janice Johnson, Treasurer

• Jennifer Murray, Secretary


Board of Directors

• Joe Stanbro, Director

• Sam McGill, Director

• Justin Masterson, Director

• Vence Meneely, Director

• J.D. Casey, Director

• Unfilled

If you would like to be a director, please feel free to contact us with your request at info@oklahomatrapper.com. You MUST MEET the requirements of the Bylaws, which can also be found on the website.

I would also like to thank Mr. Jon Pass for originally accepting a position as a Director. Unfortunately, Mr. Pass had to withdraw due to unforeseen obligations which he felt would impede his ability to perform the duties. And we offer a Special thanks to Mr. Joe Stanbro & Mr. Sam McGill, who are the first Lifetime Membership holders of the Fur Takers of Oklahoma.

In closing, on behalf of the F.T.O., I would like to personally thank each and every one of you who have shown support and interest, who have offered guidance, direction, suggestions and input into the operations, business, conduct and design of this Organization. It’s people such as you, who make the F.T.O. a great place to be.

For more information on memberships, activities, events, fur auctions or other association news, please visit us at http://oklahomatrapper.com.

Please consider to take a youngster with you on your outdoor activities.

Thank you & be safe. — Reginald Murray

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