Georgia Trappers Association August 2010 Report

Georgia Trappers Association

President — Gene Pritchett, 107 Seaboard Road, Jesup, GA 31545; phone: 912-586-6905

Vice President — Gary Newman, 1182 Hwy 107, Denton, GA 31532; phone: 912-375-3795

Correspondence Secretary — Steve Rainey, 1923 Beattie Road, Albany, Ga 31707; phone: 229-449-9533

Membership Secretary/Treasurer — Tommy Key, P.O. Box 1005, Pine Mountain, GA 31822; phone: 706-628-4686

Legislative Director — Ted Gustin, 494 Eastside Drive, Thomaston, GA 30286; phone: 706-648-1951

NTA Director — Rusty Johnson, Rt. 1, Chula, GA 31733; phone: 229-382-2499

F.T.A. Director ­— 92 Rocky Point Road, Covington, GA 30014; phone: 404-402-2207

Executive Director — Chris Johnson, 2448 U.S. Hwy 411 S.E., Fairmount, GA 30139, phone: 706-337-5608

General Organizer — Teresa Keys, 3158 East Fairview Road, McDonough, GA 30252; phone: 770-388-7951

Membership Options:

• Regular membership including subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $25
• Lifetime membership with subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $300

Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

GTA, Membership Secretary/Treasurer
Tommy Key
P.O. Box 1005, Pine Mountain, GA 31822


Pulling out of the parking lot at the Southeast Regional Convention I watched a truck go by with “Moore’s Lawn Service” on the side. Then I noticed the truck had a South Carolina license plate. Slowly I put it all together and said “Hey, I know that guy!” On the four-lane back to the motel I pulled alongside and yelled to the driver. It was Freddy Moore from the South Carolina Trappers Association whom I hadn’t seen since 1987. We had a good time visiting and catching up the next day at the convention.

That was just one highlight from the fun filled NTA’S 7th Annual SE Regional Convention held the weekend of April 9 – 11 at the Cherokee Capital Fairgrounds in Calhoun, GA.
The event was co-hosted by the Tennessee Fur Harvesters and the Georgia Trappers Association and definitely left me wanting more co-conventions with our trapping brothers from our neighboring states. If you missed it you missed a great time and some REALLY GREAT food!

On Friday night the GTA hosted a fish fry for all the participants and on Saturday night the TFH hosted a barbeque, all that food for FREE! Great job fellows!

There was no shortage of trapping paraphernalia and well known trapping personalities with the likes of Hal Sullivan, Jackie Malone, Clint Locklear and others in attendance and all ready to talk trapping with anyone seeking advice.

I always enjoy trapping demos. As we were walking away from one demo somebody asked me if I learned anything. Since everybody does things a little bit differently it’s hard not to learn something. I keep hearing Paul Antzac saying, while he was doing a beaver demo, referring to the two pound weight of the drowning rod –“If you can’t carry in a two pound rod you probably can’t carry out a 40 pound beaver!” Sage observation Paul.

Man, the time just flew and before you knew it was Sunday, and time to start the long drive home. I want to thank our NTA representative Rusty Johnson for his time and effort, all the members of the GTA and the TFH who played a role in getting things organized, setting up and taking down, putting on demos, manning booths and activities everybody did a fantastic job and it was truly a team effort.

I’m looking forward to the next one!

We were over in Alabama a few weeks ago to visit our granddaughter and stopped by to look at a beautiful little local creek – Hatchet Creek. A guy on a four wheeler came by with water dripping out of the wheels and I made the observation that he must have crossed the creek. A bit latter we heard him returning along the trail but then the exhaust sound took on a bubbling rumble. The guy was driving along in the creek!! This is 2010 people should know better. As Crosby, Stills & Nash sang “Parents, teach your children well.”

— Steve Rainey

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