Georgia Trappers Association November 2012 Report

President — Gene Pritchett, 107 Seaboard Road, Jesup, GA 31545; 912-586-6905; cell: 912-424-0438;

Vice President — Lewis Todd, 9969 Ga. Hwy 102 W, Mitchell, GA 30802; 706-598-2554; cell: 478-232-1040;

Correspondence Secretary — Steve Rainey, 1923 Beattie Road, Albany, Ga 31707; 229-449-9533;

Membership Secretary/Treasurer — Teresa Keys, 3158 East Fairview Road, McDonough, GA 30252; 770-388-7951; cell: 334-534-1990;

Legislative Director — Lee Riley, 331 Lake Drive, Pine Mtn, GA 31822; 706-977-8108

NTA Director — Rusty Johnson, Rt. 1, Chula, GA 31733; 229-382-2499; cell: 229-445-1388;

F.T.A. Director ­— Mike Gibson, 912 Kersey Road, Elko, GA 30125; 478-952-2105

Executive Director — Randy Zerwig, 35978 Ga Hwy 23 N., Metter, GA 30439; 912-685-6222; cell: 912-682-7256;

General Organizer — Travis LeMay, P.O. Box 1564, McDonough, Ga 30253; 678-395-1708; cell: 678-395-1708;


Membership Options:

• Regular membership including subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $25

• Lifetime membership with subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $300


Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

GTA, Membership Secretary/Treasurer

Tommy Key

P.O. Box 1005, Pine Mountain, GA 31822



By the time this appears in the Trapper, our convention will have come and gone and we’ll be deep in deer season. I hear a lot of folks say things like, “I used to deer hunt, but got I tired of it and don’t go anymore.” Or even the same thing about trapping. That’s just not something I can understand. I hope to be doing both (and fishing) as long as I can stand up and walk!

The gray foxes that come to our yard are starting to show signs of incompatibility and the loosening of the family bonds. The male and female and three young of the year have all tolerated each other at the food bowl and spent the summer getting along. All of that’s changing now with signs of aggression and threat displays. Any day now the young will be forced away and be off to establish their own territories if they can survive crossing roads.

The other day I was reading some “expert” proclaiming that humans shouldn’t drink milk as adults since even cows don’t continue drinking milk as adults. I wondered if they even knew why. I bet if every time they poured a glass of milk their mother had kicked them in the head they would quickly develop distaste for milk just like a calf. Guess they never heard the term “kicking off the calf”!

Oh well, may you all find lots of foxes dancing in your traps and relax in the evening with milk and cookies! — Steve Rainey

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