Georgia Trappers Association November 2014 Report

President — Russ Carter, 287 David Road, Baxley, GA 31513; (912) 367-4887; cell (912) 256-1721;

Vice President — Mike Gibson, 291 Kersey Road, Elko, GA 30125; (478) 952-2105

Correspondence Secretary — Steve Rainey, 1923 Beattie Road, Albany, Ga 31707; 229-449-9533;

Membership Secretary/Treasurer — Randy Zerwig, 35978 GA Hwy 23 N, Metter, GA 30439; (912) 685-6222; cell (912) 682-7256;

Legislative Director — Lee Riley, 331 Lake Drive, Pine Mtn, GA 31822; (706) 977-8108

NTA Director — Rusty Johnson, Route 1, Chula, GA 31733; (229) 382-2499; cell (229) 445-1388;

Executive Director — Travis LeMay, P.O. Box 1564; McDonough, GA 30253; (678) 395-1708;

General Organizer — Kelvin Mosley, 515 Cleon Moseley Lane, Reidsville, Ga 30453; (912) 237-7696; cell (912) 585-6769;

Membership Options:

• Regular membership including subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $25

• Lifetime membership with subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $300

Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

GTA, Membership Secretary/Treasurer

Holly Zerwig

P.O. Box 613

Metter, GA 30439


We drove past a big ditch that was the site of a beaver removal job at the end of last season. The only water was a muddy puddle in front of the culvert. While working on the beavers I actually had to use my canoe to get around in that ditch. The landowner had a back-hoe remove the dam after the beavers were gone. My wife said, “That must make you proud, to see a job well done.” I told her that actually it didn’t. I was glad the landowner was satisfied but from a fur trapper’s perspective the future along that ditch didn’t look very bright.

Just the day before I’d been reading the story about otter trapping in the October issue of the “Trapper and Predator Caller”. Prior to the removal of the beavers and their dam the crossover would have made a perfect spot to waylay otters.

Back in the sixties when I first started trapping it was strictly as a fur trapper and everyone knows a fur trapper has to be a steward of the furbearer resources. If you don’t leave some for seed you won’t have much to look forward to. Now a-days beaver removal is an accepted practice but as in this case it doesn’t give you much to look forward to. Sure, in time the beavers will probably return and I’ll get another call from the landowner. Meanwhile, I guess I’ll just have dream about those otters that might have been!

Looks like I jumped the gun in the last report hoping everyone enjoyed the convention – the issue came out before the convention! So again I hope everyone enjoyed the convention.

The GTA lost a longtime member on July 23, 2014 when Donnie Kiblinger passed away after a long battle with cancer. Our condolences go out to Donnie’s family and his brother Keith also a member of the GTA. A memorial service was held August third to commemorate Donnie’s life and love of the outdoors. — Steve Rainey

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