Great Advice for Trapping Martens

The cover of the December 2009 issue features a marten. Trapping these furbearers can be one of the most rewarding experiences on the line.

Randy Augsburger knows that feeling well. He wrote an excellent article here about how to trap marten.

Some of his basic points:

* Find squirrels and you’ll find martens

* Use a leaning pole set

* Space sets 50 yards apart

* Beaver meat is a good lure to use in a set

* Skunky lures work well, too

Click here to read the entire article.

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2 thoughts on “Great Advice for Trapping Martens

  1. My hubby extracted skunk essence for a good story!! Love your magazine. Hear more true tales of adventure relating to nature, farming and trapping. Catch some news about the Last River Rat-my Uncle Kenny Salwey

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