High School Students Build Bear Trap for Pennsylvania Game Commission

The York County, Pa., Game Office does not have a bear trap so local high school students are building one for them. About a dozen students in the Agricultural Mechanics class at the Dover Area High School are building the trap nearly from scratch at no cost to taxpayers.

“Expected to be completed this month, the trap features a cylinder mounted to a trailer frame with a trap mechanism inside,” David Blymire reports for the York Daily Record. “When a wayward bruin goes for the bait, a swinging door would clang shut and lock.”

“It’s a huge project for these students to take on,” Wildlife Conservation Officer Kyle Jury said.

The students started with a drainage culvert and a trailer frame, according to the story. The rest of the device, which will be completed later this month, has been built from scratch.

Did you get to work on any trapping related projects at your high school? Tell us about them in the comments.

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