Idaho Trappers Association August 2013 Report


President — Patrick B. Carney; 208-599-5009;

Vice President — Andy Smith;

Secretary — Michelle Gutierrez; 208-587-5931;

Treasurer — Vacant

NTA Representative — Dan Davis; 208-458-4303;

Election Chairman — Billy Dyer; 208-587-6696;

Director — Mark Collinge; 208-376-2963;

Director — Rusty Kramer; 208-870-3217;

Director — Paul Jensen; 208-631-4547;

Director — Tim Conant; 208-544-2766;

Director — Bruce Bartow; 208-521-4235;

Membership Options:

• Individual membership including subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $25.50

• Family membership with subscription — $30.50

• Life Membership — $500


Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

ITA, Secretary

Michelle Gutierrez

PO Box 405

Mountain Home, ID 83647



Hope this finds everyone well. If we didn’t see you at the Blackfoot NTA Western Regional, I hope all is good with you and yours. We missed you and we thank everyone that was able to make it. We did not have a general membership meeting as we never had enough people at one time. I would like take to this time thank all who helped with the ITA Booth and who helped the Upper Snake River Trappers Association with the various tasks that had to happen. There were too many individuals to mention by name. However, your help was greatly appreciated, thank you. Also thank you to all the new members that joined up.

As a reminder to everyone, we will not have an association rendezvous since the NTA Western was in Idaho. We will look forward to seeing everyone next year. Location to be determined later. If you have any suggestions on locations, please contact myself 208-599-5009 or Michelle 208-587-5931 with your thoughts.

The election results for this year elections are as follows:

For President Patrick Carney APPROVED.

For Directors Bruce Bartow, Mark Collinge, Rusty Kramer APPROVED .

Article 4 Section 1 By-law change was APPROVED.

The ITA met with IDFG to discuss the new procedures for new rule making. The Legislature has directed IDFG to use the negotiated rule-making process. Which means anyone can give input on proposed rules. This has the potential to be troublesome. There were several issues that we discussed with them. One was the reciprocity arrangement for nonresidents trapping in Idaho, the use of inedible parts of game animals and game fish for bait, another issue was the way the law is written on checking traps set or placed every 72 hours even if they were sprung. IDFG said that would be a case by case judgment call. So obviously we need to work on this one. Another issue that was discussed was changing the duration of trapping licenses to a calendar year (January 1st – December 31st). We also discussed being able to purchase trapping licenses from the same vendors that you can purchase hunting and fishing licenses, if your report has been filed. If you have input please get with me or one of your directors we would like to hear from you.

The ITA submitted comments regarding the Boise and Twin Falls Districts’ Draft Wilderness and Scenic River Management Plan. We believe that BLM has misinterpreted the appropriateness of commercial trapping in the Wilderness areas in Owyhee County. In our comments, we pointed out the errors of their interpretation. This interpretation if left standing, would not only affect BLM lands in Idaho it could potentially affect wilderness areas and wild and scenic river corridors on national forests as well as any state that has these areas in them. The ITA intends to challenge BLM if they do not change their interpretations. The NTA has once again helped us with this issue. If you are not already a member of the National Trappers Association, please join immediately. There are several states that have issues going on in them. The only organization for trapping rights that is big enough has the man power, and the expertise is the NTA. We must support this organization. If you are only going to belong to one association the NTA is the probably the most important. The state associations need you, but we need the NTA. Please join them today.

We would like to get more people involved in Northern Idaho. We are looking for some input for a place up North that would have the most attendance from trappers up there. We need your input on issues that affect your trapping. We also need your support. Anyone with ideas or opinions please contact Pat at 208-599-5009 or any of the directors.

The Longspring Gazette has been placed on hold as Andy White our editor is in North Dakota making a living. We hope to get it going again as soon as we can. We would still like to get your stories, recipes, trapline adventures, etc. so that when we get going again, we will have plenty of content. I’d better start on my gear this next season will be here sooner than I will probably get it done. Everyone be safe until the next time. Thank you for your support. — Patrick B. Carney

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