Idaho Trappers Association August 2014 Report


President — Patrick B. Carney; 208-599-5009;

Vice President — Andy Smith;

Secretary — Vacant

Treasurer — Vacant

NTA Representative — Dan Davis; 208-458-4303;

Election Chairman — Billy Dyer; 208-587-6696;

Director — Mark Collinge; 208-376-2963;

Director — Rusty Kramer; 208-870-3217;

Director — Paul Jensen; 208-631-4547;

Director — Tim Conant; 208-544-2766;

Director — Bruce Bartow; 208-521-4235;

Membership Options:

• Individual membership including subscription to Trapper & Predator Caller — $25.50

• Family membership with subscription — $30.50

• Life Membership — $500



Hello everyone,

Summer is already flying by and it will soon be fall again! Our summer convention was a great success in Fairfield with decent turn out. We had a great turnout of IDFG employees there to show support and answer questions including Mark Doerr; the Magic Valley Region Fish and Game commissioner. It is great to see the amount of Fish and Game personnel that support trapping especially when its a commissioner! Also, we had District 26 State Representative Steve Miller attending. It is great to see local politicians attending our trapping events and supporting our heritage which we love. I want to thank everyone with their help: Scott Brown for setting the event up, Billy Dyer and Pat Carney for hauling trailers up, Mary Kramer for cooking breakfast, Steve Roberts, Josh Lehigh, Mark Griffith, Scott Brown and Jeff Ashmead for doing demo’s and the many other people that helped cook and haul materials up. Also, a big thank you for Chuck and Tanner Carpenter for cooking the pork and Jerry and Carol Strickland for letting us use his property.

On June 14th, myself, Angel Loven, Tim Connet and Pat Carney attended the dog seminar in Boise. It was set up in cooperation with the Idaho Chukar Foundation and the Humane Society and was estimated to be over 600 people. There was rattlesnake avoidance classes, porcupine avoidance and various other dog related booths. We had a booth set up to show people how to release dogs from traps and just to educate them on how traps and trapping work in general. It was the perfect target audience of people that might have future conflicts with trappers and we heard very very few negative responses. The survey that was taken from the attendees of the entire dog show showed that our booth was overwhelmingly the most popular. This was a great success for the ITA and for all trappers in the state! We need to learn to be able to work with these dog owners and reduce the conflicts as best as we can. They are already getting ready for the seminar next year in the same place and the head person just told me he is shooting for over a thousand participants.

It will be fall before you know it so get to working on those traps and lets work on getting more trappers signed up for the ITA. We all know some that are not members!

Thank You. — Rusty Kramer


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