Idaho Trappers Association February 2013 Report

President — Patrick B. Carney, 208-599-5009;

Secretary — Michelle Gutierrez, PO Box 405, Mountain Home, ID 83647; 208-587-5931;

Treasurer — Tammy Jewett, 208-587-6822;

NTA Director — Dan Davis, 208-458-4303;

Election Oversight Committee Chairman — Michelle Gutierrez, 208-587-5931;


Membership Options:

• Individual membership including T&PC — $25.50

• Family membership with subscription — $30.50

• Life Membership — $500


Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

ITA, Secretary

Michelle Gutierrez, PO Box 405, Mountain Home, ID 83647



Hello to all, I hope the holiday season is finding all of you well. Like the saying goes, I hope your stretchers are full and your chains are tight. Speaking of that we are having our first fur auction for this year January 19, 2013. Anyone interested in helping with or setting up please contact me at 208 – 599 – 5009. I would like to form a fur sale committee to handle these sales, the same people have been doing this for many years we would like some new people with new ideas to help us out. Please contact me if you are interested in helping with the fur sales. The first sale will be at the National Guard Armory in Mountain Home, to get there from interstate 84 turn North onto Hwy 20 at exit 95 go north about a mile. Then you will turn right onto Hot Creek road, go approximately one mile turn right into the armory (there will be ITA signs).

Just a reminder to everyone, last year the ITA board after reviewing the new banking regulations that were put into effect, and talking with our banker and other state associations, have come to realize we can not issue checks at the sale until the buyers checks have settled into our account. That means we can not issue checks until Wednesday after the sale. The ITA board hopes this will not inconvenience anyone, any questions please contact ITA President Patrick B. Carney.

Doors open at 6 p.m. Friday 1-18-2013 to receive fur until 8 p.m. Saturday 1-19-2013 the doors open 7 a.m. and stop accepting fur at 10 a.m. We hope to have the bid sheets by 4 p.m. on Saturday with the high bids posted by 6 pm Saturday night, possibly sooner depending on the sale. ITA fur sellers, please call Michelle at 208-587-5931 to confirm your fur quantities at least 14 days to fur sale date. So we can tell buyers how much fur is going to be there. Those of you that do not call in, are costing everyone at the sale money. If the buyers do not believe there is enough fur, they will not travel to our sales. When you call in to consign, it does not limit you to what you can bring in. It just gives us a number to pass onto the buyers. Our ITA sellers commission will be 6%, and the NO SALE commission will be 1%. Any trapper needing help getting fur to the sales, please call Michelle or Patrick. There will be various raffles and the ITA will have a concession. Our NTA Director will have a booth set up to renew or join the National Trappers Association. The ITA hopes to make the wait of the fur sales short, sweet and educational. We sure hope to see you there. Our second fur sale will be March 9, 2013.

The Upper Snake River Trappers of Idaho are going to host the NTA Western Regional Convention in Blackfoot on June 6-9, 2013. With the set up being on the 6th and take down on the 9th. They have asked the ITA if we would be willing to help them with the set up and helping out as needed. Please contact me if you are able and willing to help out at all, be it for the whole time or a day or two. The ITA will have a booth there, volunteers will be needed to man it also.

The ITA will not have a summer convention out side of the NTA’s Western regional. We may have a general membership meeting if it looks like we will have enough members there. So please plan to attend the convention in Blackfoot. I am looking forward to seeing you all there.

The Upper Snake River Trappers of Idaho, and the NTA both were very instrumental in helping us get HJR2 passed in November. Let’s go to show our support and help them. And on that note, I would like to personally like to thank all the board members of the ITA for seeing the importance of passing HJR2 and their dedication to all outdoorsmen and women in Idaho. I would also like to thank Andy White for his many hours on the computer and writing letters to the editor. I don’t believe the outcome would have been as good without him. Thank you Andy. I would like to take this time also to thank Senator Lee Heider of Twin Falls, for crafting and getting this legislation passed through the House and Senate. I also want to thank everyone else who donated time and money to help us get this passed.

Elections are coming up with the president and three director positions to be voted on. I believe the Directors we have, have done an outstanding job. I believe all are going to run again, however, if you are interested in one of these positions please have your name submitted.

I would like to take the time to ask all trappers to join the National Trappers Association. Every association relies on members numbers and dues to operate and represent us. We will never know when we will need them. They have answered the call every time we have needed them. They bring their expertise and connections to whatever issue is at hand. They are an invaluable ally. Their website is or call 866-680-8727. You can also join at the NTA Western in Blackfoot Idaho. I also believe we’re in for a hard fight on our gun rights. I’m asking you all to join the NRA. We must not sit back and let the legislation, that is sure to come go unanswered. There are not many organizations that are fighting for your rights. So go support the ones that are.

The ITA’s, NTA director votes for the state at the national level. However the bylaws do not have that position as a voting member at our board of directors meetings. I believe it is time to change that. To do so will require a bylaw change. I would like any thoughts on the subject, please contact me. If there is no reason not to do this I would like to put it on the ballot. It will have to be voted on by the general membership.

Also proposed rule making will be coming up with Idaho Fish and Game. If you have some suggestions or things you would like us to talk with them about, please get them to myself or one of the directors.

The last couple things we need more trappers ed instructors. This does not require a huge commitment. You can do it as your schedule permits. Anyone interested in being on the FBU banquet committee, please contact me so we can get you folks together. The FBU banquet is scheduled for August 17th in Boise at the Red Lion Downtowner. The Sportsman show is February 28-March 3, 2013 at the Garden City fairgrounds. We need a few volunteers to help man the booth. Let us know so we can get enough free entrance passes.

Thank you all, be safe, stay well and we will see you at these upcoming events. — Patrick B Carney


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