Idaho Trappers Association November 2011 Report

President — Hance Clayton, 4355 W. 49th St., Idaho Falls, ID 83402; ph: 208-524-6304; 208-521-8404; e-mail:

Vice President
— Patrick Carney, P.O. Box 861, Mountain Home, ID 83647; ph: 208-599-5009

Secretary — Michelle Gutierrez, 3725 NE McCoy Lane, Mountain Home, ID 83647; ph: 208-587-5931; e-mail:

Treasurer — Tammy Jewett, 1770 NE Beaman Rd., Mountain Home, ID 83647; ph: 208-587-6822; e-mail:

NTA Director — Dan Davis, 2741 E 200 N St., Anthony, ID 83445; ph: 208-458-4303; e-mail:

Election Oversight Committee Chairman — Michelle Gutierrez, 3725 NE McCoy Lane, Mountain Home, ID 83647

Membership Options:

• Individual membership including subscription to T&PC — $25.50
• Family membership with subscription — $30.50
• Life Membership — $500

Complete membership application on first page of association section and send dues to:

ITA, Secretary
Michelle Gutierrez
3725 NE McCoy Lane
Mountain Home, ID 83647

Hello to all. I would like to apologize for not getting some information into the magazines the last couple of times. Things have been extremely busy with the association. I will do my best to bring everyone up to speed. First, I would like to thank everyone who made our annual convention a success. Our numbers were good, but we were missing some key folks due to other obligations taking place. I personally need to thank Mr. Chuck Carpenter and his crew for the fabulous roasted pig!! There was plenty of meat and let me tell you it was GREAT! To all who brought potluck, that made a feast fit for a king. The association thanks everyone. We had demonstrations that were very informative.

Mr. Craig White from Fish and Game spoke to the members and answered questions. The vendors did a good job. A special thank you goes out to the Kramer family who organized the location and made sure the little BIG details were taken care of.

My hat goes off to Mr. Jerry Strickland for allowing the association to hold its event on his prime piece of land. During the convention, we had a drawing for a rifle from the Fur Bearers Unlimited which Chuck F.(Idaho) won and a drawing for a set of two Dunn Knives won by Tim C. (Idaho), next drawing was for two wolf traps won by Hance C. (Idaho). All participants who put in for the knife and trap raffles will be carried over to the next event.

The January’s drawing is for a Dunn Knife valued at $150.00 and two MB750 wolf traps. The March’s drawing is for a set of four (4) Dunn Knives with sheaths and three sets of MB750 wolf traps. The tickets roll forward from January sale to the March sale on the wolf traps. There is a Browning 3 1/2” mag 12 gauge raffle also. The tickets are $5.00 each for all raffles, so if you can not attend the fur sales, send your money in to Michelle and tell her how many tickets you would like for each drawing. Good luck to all.
On a more personal note, I was advised on the passing of a long life time member of the Idaho Trappers Association. Jim McNevin was truly the outdoorsman. Loving and living life to the fullest. Currently his membership is donated in honor of his name to the Whitebird Library. Our prayers go out to his wife Vicki McNevin.
The next big event was the first ITA/FBU Banquet held in Boise Idaho. With just four months of planning and a handful of workers we had a VERY successful event. Overall the motel, food, raffles, games were great. Everyone had a good time and left saying they would return next year. Winners of the different guns were Josh J., Tim C., Hance C., Brian F., Tina C.(2), Thomas D, Loretta D., Dan D. A big thank you goes out to the volunteers who were instrumental in setting up for the banquet and helping out with the games.
ITA fur sales are planned for January and March 2012 in Mountain Home. Check out our website for further details : PLEASE, everyone consign their furs to Michelle 208-587-5931 as soon as possible. There will be a prize for consigning. We will have raffles for wolf traps, Dunn knives, and a gun, ITA merchandise for sale, and lunch. General public encouraged to attend, admission is free for this event.
In spring 2012, there will be elections for two (2) directors and a Vice President. Anyone with nominations, or that would like to fill a position we would like to here from you. Please get them to us, as they go before the board. Details will be posted on website and letters sent out. We are in need of someone who can give time to the association. Not a whole lot, but things do need taken care of. On the same note, I am organizing a list of committees and people who could and would do that job. I will get that out as soon as possible. So if you could help out we are looking for you. some of the committees are fur sale, letter writing, functions, etc..
We all need to try and recruit new members as there is strength in numbers, and we all know some trappers that are not members. They usually complain that no one does anything for us. They need to be reminded that if we don’t support ourselves, how can we expect anyone else to do it for us? The fur sales are a good way to bring them in to see what we do, and get introduced to the ITA.
Hope everyone’s stretchers are full and trap chains getting tugged on when the season gets underway. Be safe and have a good year. Hope to see you at the fur sales.

— Michelle Gutierrez

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